National Security Law

Military Law in a Nutshell

The fourth edition is a succinct summary of military law, and includes recent changes to laws such as the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
Charles A. Shanor

Guide to Homeland Security

This single volume work provides explanation and background of major federal statutes, regulations and Executive Orders related to homeland security. The full text of relevant statutes and regulations are included, as well as an ALR bibliography and a table of laws and rules keyed to the book's chapters.

Homeland Security Deskbook: Private Sector Impacts of the Defense Against Terrorism

This work focuses on the impact of homeland security law and regulation on the private sector. It includes chapters on the background and history of homeland security law and policy as well as chapters dealing with specific issues such as telecommunications and immigration. Includes bibliographical references and index. Law library no longer updating print subscription.
Venable LLC

Military Criminal Justice: Practice and Procedure

Definitive one-volume covers both substantive and procedural aspects of the law.
David A. Schlueter

National Security Investigations & Prosecutions, 2nd ed.

This treatise aids understanding of national security investigations by exploring the historical traditions and governmental structures that influence them. It explains the federal government's power, describes investigative tools, provides guidance for possible civil and criminal liability actions involving electronic surveillance, and covers laws that apply and issues that arise in national security investigations.
David S. Kris