Patent Law

Chisum on Patents: A Treatise on the Law of Patentability, Validity and Infringement

This multi-volume work is a respected treatise which examines the principles and tenets of patent law, as well as the rules concerning patentability. Among the issues discussed are statutory bars, adequate disclosure, double patenting and Patent and Trademark Office procedures. Also included is a glossary of patent terms. The format is looseleaf, with supplementation four times per year.
Donald S. Chisum

Copyright Examples and Explanations

Copyright: Examples and Explanations

Copyright law examples and explanations are provided in this four-part work. It includes an overview of copyright, copyrightable subject matter, ownership and transactions, statutory rights, and copyright litigation. Examples in the work are drawn from judicial opinions, news reports and student questions. 
Stephen M. McJohn

Intellectual property and unfair competition in a nutshell

Intellectual Property and Unfair Competition in a Nutshell

This study guide provides an understanding of the creation of specific intellectual property rights as well as the determination of a commercial wrong. It discusses the historical inter-relationship between intellectual property law and the law of unfair competition. 
Charles R. McManis

Intellectual Property: Patents, Trademarks and Copyright in a Nutshell

Intellectual Property: Patents, Trademarks and Copyright in a Nutshell

A four-part study aid, focusing on the foundations and practice of patent, trademark and copyright law. Part 1V gives limited treatment to global intellectual property. Table of cases included.
Arthur Raphael Miller & Michael H. Davis

McCarthy on Trademarks and Unfair Competition

This multi-volume pre-eminent treatise discusses the function of trademarks and their protection, assignment and licensing, infringement, the principles of unfair competition and the Patent and Trademark Office's proceedings. The appendices cover the texts of statutes, rules of practice, legislative history and tables of cases and statutes. The print treatise is in looseleaf format.
J. Thomas McCarthy

Milgrim on Trade Secrets

This treatise provides extensive coverage of the law relating to the protection and use of trade secrets. Issues discussed include licensing of trade secrets, contractual and legal protections of trade secrets as well as how trade secrets relate to copyright and patent law. The appendices contain laws, regulations, reports as well as articles. A table of cases is also included. The print version is in looseleaf format and is supplemented approximately three times each year.
Roger M. Milgrim
Nimmer on Copyright: A Treatise on the Law of Literary, Musical and Artistic Property

Nimmer on Copyright: A Treatise on the Law of Literary, Musical and Artistic Property

This ten-volume treatise is considered to be one of the most authoritative works on copyright law, covering constitutional, statutory and common law issues. Included are full-text of laws, regulations and international conventions and forms and jury instructions. There are also numerous citations to primary and secondary authorities. The treatise is in looseleaf format, with supplementation approximately twice yearly.
Melville Nimmer & David Nimmer

The Law of Unfair Competition, Trademarks and Monopolies

A multi-volume treatise which comprehensively covers the law of unfair competition as well as antitrust law. Coverage extends to protection against unfair competition, unfair advertising and pricing and the unlawful conduct of business. Included in the appendices are federal antitrust statutes, guidelines and regulations. The treatise is a print looseleaf as well as online is supplemented three times a year. 
Rudolf Callmann

Understanding Copyright Law

A comprehenvise study aid on copyright, which examines, among other issues, factual works, works made for hire, parody of fair use and software protection. Part 111 is a comparative analysis of copyright, patent and trademark law. A fairly comprehensive overview of international copyright is also provided in Chapter 12. Includes tables of cases and statutes. 
Marshall A. Leaffer