Professional Responsibility

Legal Ethics in a Nutshell

This nutshell briefly discusses each ABA ethics rule and offers guidance to those looking for a quick introduction to the laws governing lawyers.
Ronald D. Rotunda

Legal Malpractice

This treatise focuses on "prevention, insurance, and malpractice issues encountered by practitioners in every area of the law, including personal injury, real estate, collection and bankruptcy, family law, trust and estates, commercial law, and criminal law."
Ronald E. Mallen & Jeffrey M. Smith

Modern Legal Ethics

This hornbook covers a multitude of legal ethics topics including " Lawyers' Regulation of Lawyers and the Legal Profession; Professional Discipline of Lawyers; Lawyers and Clients: Client-Lawyer Relationship; Lawyer Competence."
Charles W. Wolfram

Professional Responsibility: Examples & Explanations

This study aid tries to integrate the multitude of rules, statutes & regulations which govern a lawyer's activities. Therefore references are made to the ABA Model Rules, as well as the Restatement and numerous federal and state statutes on the topic. 
W. Bradley Wendel

Restatement of the Law Third: The Law Governing Lawyers

This set covers the "common law applicable to the legal profession: regulation of the profession; the client-lawyer relationship, including the financial and property relationship; lawyer civil liability; confidential client information; representing clients, especially in litigation; and conflict of interest."
American Law Institute

The Law of Lawyering

This two-volume looseleaf treatise is a commentary on the Model Rules. It provides the full text of each Model Rule provision in sequential order, followed by the authors' commentary, which puts the rule into context, helps identify its key features, and shows its relation to other Rules and the ALI's Restatement of the Law Governing Lawyers. It is updated annually.
Geoffery C. Hazard & W. William Hodes

Understanding Lawyer's Ethics

This resource provices a basic overview of legal ethics. It uses the ABA Model Code of Professional Responsibility and Model Rules of Professional Conduct as the basis for discussion. Appendices address such topics as representing the unpopular client and taking advantage of an adversary's mistake.
Monroe H. Freedman & Abbe Smith