Real Property

A Possessory Estates and Future Estates Primer

This study aid is designed to introduce the topic of possessory estates and future interests to the beginning Property student. To do so, it offers a basic introduction and overview before discussing examples and offering problems in the application of principles. The book also offers explanations to the offered problems.The third edition of this title was published in 2007.
Peter T. Wendel

Friedman on Contracts and Conveyances of Real Property

This two volume treatise is arranged as a loose leaf service, which allows for it to be updated annually. It is described as being written by a practitioner, for practitioners who practice includes real estate contracts and conveyances. It also includes basic forms.
Milton R. Friedman

Friedman on Leases

This three volume treatise explores the law of leases and of leased premises. It includes an index, table of cases, and table of statutes. The most recent edition is the Fifth Edition that was reworked and reorganized. This title is also arranged as a loose leaf and is updated annually.
Milton R. Friedman

Law of Real Property

This multi-volume treatise is devoted to discussing topics in real property. Although it is primarily devoted to discussing decisions and developments in real property in the past forty years, it also offers background into the development of modern property law. It is divided into six parts - Part I, Introduction; Part II, Capacity to hold and deal with interests in land; Part IIII, Permissible interests in Land; Part IV, Relations between owners of permissible interests in land; Part V, Relations between owners of permissible interests in land and the community; and Part VI, Acquisition and transfer of interests in land. The set also includes a practice guide that offers practice tips for practitioners. Georgetown orders and binds a new set of the title every three years.
Richard Powell

Patton and Palomar on Land Titles

This multi-volume treatise is designed to inform attorneys and other title examiners about laws and matters that affect title to land and the means to cure or respond to title problems. It includes an index, table of cases, and table of statutes. It is updated frequently and includes pocket parts.
Joyce Palomar

Principles of Property Law

From the Concise Hornbooks series, this study aid on property law is organized similarly to a typical law school property law curriculum. Each chapter begins with a summary, then briefly outlines the law in that particular topic area. Each chapter then addresses problems designed to help law students think about how the rules are applied in real life situations. The problems are followed by statements of applicable laws, then analyses of the issues raised by the problem. The most recent edition is the sixth edition, published in 2005.
Herbert Hovenkamp & Sheldon F. Kurtz


This treatise and study aid was designed to explain the law of property clearly. It provides citations to recent case law as well as additional secondary sources that offer more comprehensive treatments of particular issues and topics. This book presents the basic rules and their policies while also explaining competing policies that might limit existing rules. Arranged in chapters, by topic, this book also features annotations in the margins to easily locate desired information.
Joseph William Singer

Real Property in a Nutshell

This study aid, from the Nutshell series, outlines and explains major concepts in Real Property. Topics include possession and ownership; common law estates; concurrent ownership; landlord and tenant, easements, profits, and licenses; covenants and equitable servitudes; real estate brokers; contracts of sale; transfer of title by deeds; the recording system; title insurance; mortgages; airspace; water; support; boundaries; fixtures; trespass; nuisance; and land use regulation. The Fifth Edition is the newest edition, printed in 2005.
Roger Bernhardt & Ann M. Burkhart

Thompson on Real Property

This multi-volume treatise discusses in depth numerous issues in real property. It includes a table of cases by jurisdiction, table of statutes and index. It also provides a large section on the historic origins of modern American property law. It includes pocket parts and also offers periodic cumulative supplements (through 2004).
David A. Thomas

Understanding Property Law

This study aid is focused on helping law students understand the basic principles of property law and explain the policy concerns and historical context of the law. The book is arranged by topic in an outline style format.
John G. Sprankling