Sexual Orientation Law

Introduction to Feminist Jurisprudence

This student text covers the major issues in feminist jurisprudence and analyzes the manner in which both traditional jurisprudence and law have remained a masculine subject. Schools of feminist jurisprudential thought are discussed, as well as key issues in feminist jurisprudence, such as women and medicine, women, violence & the legal system and pornography and prostitution.
Hilaire Barnett

Introduction to Feminist Legal Theory

This treatise surveys the full range of legal issues affecting women, from rape and domestic violence to work-place discrimination and taxation issues. Its historical approach traces the evolution of legal feminism from the 1970s to the present. The 2nd edition was published in 2003.
Martha Chamallas

Legal Feminism: Activism, Lawyering and Legal Theory

This book places the feminist jurisprudence movement within the larger context of Western law and philosophy, first identifying the common problem areas of legal theory and decision-making, and then explaining how feminist jurisprudence can analyze and address these issues in new ways. It draws on legal disputes to show how feminist theory works in the courtroom and in other real-life arenas.
Ann Scales
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Sexual Orientation and Legal Rights

This two-volume treatise covers the legal issues of lesbians and gay men, integrating the areas of family law, employment law, and civil rights law. Topics covered include constitutional issues, employment discrimination, same sex harassment, tort and contract claims, same sex marriages, dissolution of relationships, child custody issues and housing and property rights. Both federal and state statutory and common law are covered, as well as a separate state-by-state analysis of gay-related statutes and case law. Illustrative agreements, pleadings, and documents for family and employment law issues are included.
Alba Conte

Sexual Orientation and the Law.

This two volume treatise covers of the full range of legal issues facing lesbian and gay clients, offering discussion of the relevant laws and legal theories. Topics covered include: family law and raising children; Co-habitation and same-sex marriage; federal taxes; death, incapacity, and illness; employment; state initiatives; military and veterans; immigration; representing transexual clients; consumer goods, services, and accommodations; First Amendment; juveniles; criminal defense; criminal justice; representing clients with AIDS; HIV testing; employment and AIDS; and insurance and AIDS. Sample agreements and forms are included. Updated twice a year online and in print.

The Gender Line: Men, Women and the Law

This treatise offers an overview of the construction of gender and the damaging effects of its stereotypes. It analyzes the ways in which law legitimizes the social segregation of the sexes through legal decisions regarding custody, employment, education, sexual harassment, and criminal law. In so doing, she illustrates the ways in which men's and women's oppressions are intertwined and how law molds the very definition of masculinity.
Nancy Levit
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