Small Business Law

Advising Small Businesses

This multi-volume treatise is specifically written for practitioners who represent small business and claims to be a pragmatic guide to the organization, operation, and termination of small businesses. The library does not update the print edition of this treatise; however, updates can be found on Westlaw.
Steven C. Alberty

Representing Start-Up Companies

This multi-volume treatise is also written for practitioners who represent start-up or small growing companies. It is designed to give insight into the various phases of growth for a small business. The print edition of this title is supplemented periodically. The newest supplements can be found on Westlaw.
Lee R. Petillon

The Law (in Plain English) for Small Business

This e-book is designed to introduce students, practitioners, and lay persons to basic issues in the law of small businesses.
Leonard DuBoff

Venture Capital and Small Business Financings

This multi-volume treatise covers the tax and securities law issues arising out of the financing of small businesses, and includes advice on choosing the form of business entity. Also includes text of major statutes and forms.
Robert J. Haft