Statutory Interpretation

Legislation and Statutory Interpretation,

This treatise is an in-depth discussion of such topics as theories of legislation and representation, electoral and legislative structures, extrinsic sources for statutory interpretation, and substantive canons of statutory interpretation.
William N. Eskridge, Jr., Philip P. Frickey, Elizabeth Garrett

Legislative Law and Process in a Nutshell

This study aid outlines the legislative process, from the drafting to the refining. The life of legislative law after enactment is also examined, including how agencies, local governments and businesses use statutes and how citizens, lawyers and courts adjust legislative words to fit life's realities.
Jack Davies

Sutherland Statutes and Statutory Construction

First published over 100 years ago, this is the definitive treatise when it comes to statutory interpretation. Topics covered in this multi-volume treatise include, legislative power, legislative organization and procedure, and statutory interpretation. Appendix A in Chapter 46 is an extensive bibliography of articles that discuss the plain-meaning rule. Updated with pocket parts.
Norman J. Singer

The Legislative Process

This treatise focuses on the interpretation of statutes, the legislative process, the enactment of statutes, the anatomy of a statute and finally the publication of a statute. Citations are provided to case law and statutory authorities.
Abner J. Mikva, Eric Lane

The Theory and Practice of Statutory Interpretation

This book provides insights into the theory and practice of statutory interpretation by courts. By relying on empirical evidence from the Rehnquist Supreme Court, this treatise analyzes the disputes over various approaches to statutory interpretation.
Frank B. Cross