Torts Law

Harper, James and Gray on Torts

This six volume treatise analyzes the significant changes that have evolved in the area of tort law over the past thirty years, covering topics such as liability for prenatal injury, privacy, comparative negligence, malicious prosecution and abuse of process. Supplemented with additional volumes.
Fowler V. Harper, James Fleming, Jr. & Oscar S. Gray

Prosser and Keeton on the Law of Torts

This classic hornbook on torts is no longer up-to-date, but still worth mentioning since it's one of the most influential 20th century law school texts. Dan Dobbs' The Law of Torts has replaced this edition.
W. Page Keeton
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Restatement of the Law Second, Torts, 2d

With over 20 volumes, this treatise was originally published in 1965, but these volumes are updated annually and a Restatement of the Law Third exists for Apportionment of Liability and Products Liability. The appendices contain Reporter's Notes, citations to court decisions, as well as cross references to key numbers and ALR annotations.

The American Law of Torts

This is a multi-volume treatise on the law of torts whose chapters cover topics such as premises liability, trespass, assault and battery, false imprisonment and slander. Coverage of case law is up-to date, as well as historical. References to ALR annotations and American Jurisprudence are incorporated. Updated with pocket parts.
Stuart M. Speiser, Charles F. Krause & Alfred W. Gans

The Law of Torts

This hornbook replaced Prosser on Torts and its thirty-six chapters cover the full range of tort law issues, from strict liability to wrongful death to defamation. Numerous subdivisions within the chapters allows readers quick access to pertinent information. Case citations included are more recent than earlier Prosser volumes.
Dan B. Dobbs

Tort Law Desk Reference : A Fifty-State Compendium

This book provides a succinct survey of tort laws of all fifty states and the District of Columbia. For each state, topics covered include statutes of limitations, tort reform, no fault limitations, standard for negligence, causation, comparative negligence, res ipsa loquitur, negligence per se, several liability, indemnity, and more. Published annually.
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Torts in a Nutshell

This concise text covers the basic principles of tort law and includes citations to primary and secondary authority. The main topics covered include physical harm, tort and contract, immunities, survival and wrongful death ,and injuries to other interests. Topics such as Products Liability and Medical Liability are covered in additional nutshell volumes.
Edward J. Kionka

Understanding Torts

This book is intended to serve as a study aid for students on the basic principles of tort law. It covers topics such as negligence, misuse of legal processes, invasion of privacy and gender bias. New editions are published often.
John L. Diamond, Lawrence C. Levine, Anita Bernstein