Trusts and Estates

Estates and Future Interests in a Nutshell

This nutshell is written for law students studying Property, as well as Wills and Trusts. Topics covered include possessory estates, classifying future interests, marital estates, concurrent estates, and powers of appointment.
Lawrence W. Waggoner & Thomas P. Gallanis

Page on the Law of Wills

This seven-volume, comprehensive set features an examination of topics such as the History of the Law of Wills and Testaments, the Elements of the Will, Alteration and Spoliation, Probate and Contest and Will Construction. Volume 7 contains Forms necessary for estate planning. Updated with pocket parts.
Jeffrey A. Schoenblum

Price on Contemporary Estate Planning

Extensive coverage of estate planning issues including life insurance, noncharitable gifts, limiting estate size, trusts and closely held business interests. Numerous forms, and checklists are included. Also includes Tables of cases, IRS sections, treasury regulations and miscellaneous federal citations. Updated by supplementay volumes.
John R. Price

Principles of Wills, Trusts and Estates

This treatise provides a brief overview of the basic principles of wills, trusts and estates, such as testamentary power, formalities, revocation, future interests and living wills. A table of Restatement references is included.
William M. McGovern, Jr. & Sheldon F. Kurtz

Scott and Ascher on Trusts

This multi-volume treatise is the preeminent set for researching the law of trusts. Some of the topics covered include the powers and liabilities of the trustee, third person liabilities, remedies of the beneficiary, ERISA and corporate fiduciaries. Updated with supplements.
Austin W. Scott, et. al.