Water Law

Law of Water Rights and Resources

This multi volume treatise covers the law of water quantity allocation in the US, discussing both riparian and prior appropriation systems. Additionally, it discusses other laws affecting certain classes of water, such as navigation, recreation, and environmental quality maintenance. The treatise covers both federal and state regulation of water rights. This treatise is updated annually.
A. Dan Tarlock

Water Law in a Nutshell

This study aid addresses the fundamentals in water law and attempts to focus on the most recent developments in water law. It discusses both riparian rights, prior appropriation, hybrid systems, as well as other variations in water allocation. Additionally, it has chapters providing an overview of rights to use the surface of waterways, groundwater, diffused surface waters, Federal and Indian reserved rights, interstate allocation, and water service and supply organizations. The most recent edition is the fourth edition from 2008.
David H. Getches

Waters and Water Rights

This multi-volume treatise is the preeminent treatise on water law. This treatise covers riparian rights, prior appropriation, groundwater law, the public right to use water in place, Federal and Indian rights, interstate water allocation, international waters and environmental controls. An index, tables of cases, and tables of statutes provide assistance with locating information within the treatise. It is updated by pocket parts, however, the most recently received update was from 2008.
Robert E. Beck