Local Government Law

This title is part of the West Hornbook Series, and is intended as an introductory text for law students. Therefore, treatment of the subject is broad but not as in-depth as that of the multi-volume treatises. Includes an index and a table of cases. Supplemented with pocket parts.
Osborne M. Reynolds, Jr.

Military Law in a Nutshell

The fourth edition is a succinct summary of military law, and includes recent changes to laws such as the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
Charles A. Shanor

A Guide to Federal Agency Rulemaking

Provides the latest case law, and the most recent legislation affecting Federal agency rulemaking. This manual provides discussion related to how federal rules are made, with an integrated view of the procedural requirements.
Jeffrey S. Lubbers

A History of American Law

This treatise presents a social history tracing law in America from the Colonial and frontier eras to the present. The main emphasis is on the 19th century but treatment of such contemporary legal issues as environmental law, the death penalty, and family law is emphasized and in some cases, reflects the author's evolving views. 
Lawrence M. Friedman

A History of English Law

Holdsworth's 17 volume History of English Law treatise, published between 1903 and 1966, starts its account of English legal history with Anglo-Saxon times and ends with the major reforms brought about by the Judicature Acts of 1875. It covers a wide range of specific subject areas including: the origins of the common law, Magna Carta and the medieval monarchy, the historical development of the courts of law and equity, legal and equitable procedures, the rise of the legal profession, the growth of parliamentary and representative institutions of government, and principal developmental phases of English substantive law. Although it has been critiqued as lacking the precision of current historical scholarship produced by period and subject specialists, it is nonetheless still an excellent starting point for research into the many subjects and periods of over a thousand years of English legal history. Volume 17 is a general index to volumes 1 to 16.
Sir William Holdsworth

A History of Private Law in Scotland

This exceptional two-volume treatise is a compilation of introductory, doctrinal, and topical chapters by 30 esteemed Scottish, European, and South African legal historians. It covers the historical development of the entire field of Scots private law, including: real and movable property, transfer of ownership, inheritance and succession, servitudes, leases, riparian rights, trusts, contracts, sale, insurance, delicts, negligence, strict and vicarious liability, and defamation. Each volume is rich in original and secondary sources, with indexes of names and subjects, lists of abbreviations, and tables of cases, as well as a list Scots monarchs and a chronological timeline of Scot legal history in volume one.
Kenneth Reid and Reinhard Zimmermann, eds.

A Legal History of Scotland

Walker's seven volumes of A Legal History of Scotland is so far the only attempt made to compile a chronological exploration of the development of the Scottish legal system from early times through the 20th century. Attention is given throughout to secondary sources and legal literature with extensive reference to original sources. Each volume covers the historical development and roles of the monarch, the Privy Council, Parliament, and the judiciary, the legal profession, as well as the substantive and procedural details of public, criminal and private law, and the influences of other legal systems and cultures (especially those of England). The periods covered by each volume are as follows: v. 1. Beginnings to A.D. 1286; v. 2. Later middle ages; v. 3. Sixteenth Century; v. 4. Seventeenth century; v. 5. Eighteenth century; v. 6. Nineteenth century; and, v. 7. Twentieth century
David M. Walker

A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting

This resource can be looked at as the "Bluebook" for those who write and review contracts. Adams' book includes checklists and samples on everything from language to alternative formats.
Kenneth A. Adams

A Possessory Estates and Future Estates Primer

This study aid is designed to introduce the topic of possessory estates and future interests to the beginning Property student. To do so, it offers a basic introduction and overview before discussing examples and offering problems in the application of principles. The book also offers explanations to the offered problems.The third edition of this title was published in 2007.
Peter T. Wendel

A Practical Guide to Legal Writing & Legal Method

This basic guidebook to legal writing focuses on the concepts of legal writing, elements of the office memorandum and briefs. Samples in the appendices of the book include a memorandum, the defendant's brief to the trial court, the plaintiff's brief to the trial court, trial court decision, and the appellant and appellee's brief.
John C. Dernbach

A to Z of International Trade

More then just a dictionary of international law trade terms, there are nine focus sections (e.g. liner vessel shipping and vessel chartering) and key words with their French, German, Spanish and Italian translations, as well as an extensive bibliography useful for further research. 
Frank Reynolds

A Treatise on the Law of Oil and Gas : including Forms, Statutes, and Regulations

In this major revision of the early 20th century Oil and Gas treatise by Thornton, the first major section contains materials dealing with the rights of owners of various types of interests in oil and gas, with emphasis on conveyancing. The second major section is devoted to an exhaustive analysis of the oil and gas lease and the rights and duties which arise from such lease and the various transactions which stem from the lease. The third section ianalyzes governmental regulations and taxation. Throughout the detailed treatment of each subject, Kuntz tries to preserve the function of Thornton as a publication which includes the past and points to the future. Updated with pocket parts in print format while regularly online.
Eugene O. Kuntz
ABA BNA Lawyer's Manual on Professional Conduct

ABA/BNA Lawyers' Manual on Professional Conduct

This looseleaf provides news and practical guidance in the areas of attorney conduct and legal ethics. In addition to recent court decisions and ethics opinions, its Practice Guides give background and legal analysis.
American Bar Association, Bureau of National Affairs

Academic Legal Writing: Law Review Articles, Student Notes, Seminar Papers, and Getting on Law Review

Volokh's book has advice for choosing a paper topic, doing research, and writing academic papers as well as practical tips for getting the work published.
Eugene Volokh

Access to Utility Services

This is a treatise covering the laws and regulations of delivery of electricity, gas and telecommunications services. Latest supplement received in 2008.
Charlie Harak

Accounting for Public Utilities

This publication thoroughly explains and analyzes the complex interplay of the Internal Revenue Code, the financial accounting rules, and the regulatory and ratemaking process. Among the topics of particular interest are: normalization rules, contributions in aid of construction, accounting for income taxes, customer deposits, consolidated tax savings from nonregulated affiliates, The alternative minimum tax (AMT) and uniform capitalization rules. Updated annually online.
Robert L. Hahne et. al.
CCH Intelliconnect

Administration of Government Contracts

Provides guidance on all aspects of the contract administration process. Specific topics include: contract administration and personnel; contract interpretation; risk allocation; changes; differing site conditions; delays; government property; pricing of adjustments; inspection, acceptance, and warranties; default termination; damages and liquidated damages; termination for convenience; payment and discharge; and disputes. Administration of Government Contracts.
John Cibinic
Other Service:

Administrative Law

This West hornbook covers administrative law topics such as adjudication; rulemaking; due process; the Freedom of Information Act; judicial, executive, and legislative control of agency discretion; the Privacy Act; and the Government in the Sunshine Act.
Alfred C. Aman, Jr., William T. Mayton

Administrative Law

Treatise examining administrative law with a focus on the administrative process and rulemaking.
Jacob A. Stein et al.

Administrative Law and Practice

Provides overview and discussion of working with state and federal agencies including agency rulemaking, adjudication, standards of review, and the Freedom of Information Act.
Charles Koch