Federal Taxation of Income, Estates, and Gifts

Federal Taxation of Income, Estates, and Gifts

Examines full range of corporate tax issues, including corporate organization, capital structure, income tax, Sub-chapters C & S, dividends and distributions, foreign corporations, and foreign source income.
Boris I. Bittker and Lawrence Lokken

Federal Taxation of Partnerships and Partners

Federal Taxation of Partnerships and Partners

Treatise examining partnership taxation under Subchapter K for partnerships and similar business structures. Authors are leading practitioners in the field.
William S. McKee, William F. Nelson, and Robert L. Whitmire

Financial Product Fundamentals: Law, Business, Compliance

Since this treatise is a basic introduction to the variety of financial instruments available, it discusses the spectrum of financial instruments that raise capital, manage risk, and provide a medium for investments, including mutual funds, closed-end investment companies, unit investment trusts, money market funds, college savings programs, hedge funds, international investment funds, commodity pools, and real estate investment funds. Sample forms are included. Updated with new looseleaf pages. 
Clifford E. Kirsch

Fletcher Cyclopedia of the Law of Private Corporations

The classic treatise on corporate law is this authoritative multi-volume resource which provides guidance on all areas.
William Meade Fletcher
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Food and Drug Law

This treatise is an introduction to the body of law that govern food, drugs, biological products, medical devices, cosmetics and the health-related aspects of radiation-emitting electronic products. Regulation of these products fall under the FDA, Department of Health and Human Services, as well as the Department of Agriculture and Federal Trade Commission.
Richard M. Cooper (ed.)
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Formation of Government Contracts

Guide to process of government contracting and procurement. Includes chapters on basic principles, sealed bidding, negotiation, and controversies.
John Cibinic
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Friedman on Contracts and Conveyances of Real Property

This two volume treatise is arranged as a loose leaf service, which allows for it to be updated annually. It is described as being written by a practitioner, for practitioners who practice includes real estate contracts and conveyances. It also includes basic forms.
Milton R. Friedman

Friedman on Leases

This three volume treatise explores the law of leases and of leased premises. It includes an index, table of cases, and table of statutes. The most recent edition is the Fifth Edition that was reworked and reorganized. This title is also arranged as a loose leaf and is updated annually.
Milton R. Friedman

Fundamental Principles of Family Law

This treatise focuses on the potential three stages of spousal and parent-child relationships from the creation, to ongoing relations and termination of the relationship. Guidance for marriage, adoption, divorce, and custody situations is provided.
Lynn D. Wardle & Laurence C. Nolan

Fundamentals of Legal Research

After discussing the legal research process, this classic book details court reports, the national reporter system, federal legislation and secondary sources in depth. There are also chapters on international legal research, legal research in the United Kingdom, and federal tax research. 
Steven M. Barkan, Roy M. Mersky, & Donald J. Dunn

Fundamentals of Securities Regulation

This concise summary of the basics of securities regulation provides a background of the SEC statutes, definitions and exemptions from the Securities Acts of 1933 and 1934, regulations of the securities markets, regulations of brokers, dealers and investment advisors, fraud, manipulation and liability. A Table of Cases and No-Action Letters is included.
Louis Loss & Joel Seligman
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Ginsberg & Martin on Bankruptcy.

Updated online, practitioner's will find this to be a comprehensive "how-to" treatise for all areas of bankruptcy practice, with complete coverage of the latest case law developments. More than 400 model bankruptcy forms are included.
Robert E. Ginsburg & Robert D. Martin

Global Competition: Law, Markets, and Globalization

In this treatise, competition law on the global level and its often complex and little-understood dynamics are revealed. It focuses on the interactions between national and international legal regimes that are central to these dynamics and a key to understanding them. The book looks at competition law in various regions and discusses broad aims of global competition law.
David J. Gerber
Global Internet Law in a Nutshell

Global Internet Law in a Nutshell

This quick study aid looks at internet law with perspective to jurisdiction, contract law, privacy, crimes, copyright, trademark, trade secrets and patent law and the internet.
Michael Rustad & Thomas Lambert

Government Contract Guidebook

This treatise takes you through every step of the contracting process in chronological order, from getting the contract to getting paid. It is updated annually online.
Steven W. Feldman

Government Contracts in a Nutshell

For a basic overview of the Federal Acquisition Regulations System, this nutshell is the place to go. It also highlights acquisition planning, contracting methods and general contracting requirements. The final parts focus on contract management and forms and clauses.
W. Noel Keyes

Government Contracts: Cyclopedic Guide to Law, Administration & Procedure

This multi-volume treatise encompasses all aspects of contracting with the government and includes forms for doing so. 
John C. McBride

Guide to Homeland Security

This single volume work provides explanation and background of major federal statutes, regulations and Executive Orders related to homeland security. The full text of relevant statutes and regulations are included, as well as an ALR bibliography and a table of laws and rules keyed to the book's chapters.

Guide to International Environmental Law

A brief overview of international law in general, with an in depth focus on how international environmental law was formed historically, as well as an analysis of newer topics such as environmental protection as a human right.
Alexandre Kiss and Dinah Shelton

Halakhah: An Encyclopedia of the Law of Judaism

The Halakhah embodies the complete Jewish Law, and contains commandments and guidelines for day-to-day living. In this comprehensive encyclopaedia of the Halakhah, the various laws are classified in a systematic and coherent structure. Volumes I and II contain entries pertaining to the Jewish people in relationship to God. Volume III explains how the Jewish people can restore and maintain their society in accordance with the Torah as it is explained by the rabbis. In Volumes IV and V, the life of the Jewish household in their encounter with God is the main concept.
Jacob Neusner