Immigration Law and Business

This treatise provides a comprehensive analysis of immigration law and procedures. Topics covered include citizenship and naturalization, deportation and exclusion, refugees and asylum, rights of aliens and tax aspects of immigration status. The taxation aspect was prepared by Robert W. Toan and Robert L. Dumont from Baker and McKenzie, who are leading experts in this area of practice. Included in the appendices are model forms, and tables of cases and statutes. The treatise in looseleaf format is supplemented three times a year.
Austin T. Fragomen, Jr. et al.

Immigration Law and Crimes

This treatise analyzes immigration law issues which relate to the impact of criminal activity on the status of the foreign-born. Included in the appendices are tables of cases and statutes, forms and pleadings, and texts of statutes. The treatise in looseleaf format is supplemented twice a year.
Dan Kesselbrenner & Lory D. Rosenberg

Immigration Law and Defense

This treatise presents the major aspects of immigration law in the order of the progression of a typical immigration case. Among the topics discussed are the procedure for adjustment of status, the grounds for exclusion and deportability, and the various defenses to them. The treatise includes chapters on administrative and judicial appeals, petition for review before the United States Court of Appeals, and writs of habeas corpus. The treatise is supplemented twice a year.
National Lawyers Guild

Immigration Law and Health: Patients and Providers

This practice guide describes the various health-related immigration issues, and provides information and advice on how to process such cases. Part I provides information on how to obtain non immigrant and immigrant statuses for health care professionals. Part II addresses possible remedies for the health-impacted client. Part III addresses alien entitlement to publicly-funded medical care, and the immigration consequences to the receipt of that support. Each part contains sample forms and pleadings. The guide is updated annually.
Sana Loue

Immigration Law and Procedure

This multi-volume preeminent treatise provides a comprehensive analysis of immigration law and procedure. Included in the appendices are texts of relevant statutes, regulations, executive orders and United Nations documents, sample forms and litigation documents, and agency manuals. The treatise is in looseleaf format and is supplemented quarterly. 
Charles Gordon & Stanley Mailman

Immigration Law and Procedure in a Nutshell

This study aid provides an overview of the history and institutional structure of immigration law. Coverage includes: standards and application procedures for visas; grounds for requiring an alien to depart from the U.S. and the procedures for removal and denial of admission; citizenship and the rights of aliens in the U.S.; refugee and asylum issues.
David Weissbrodt & Laura Danielson

Immigration Law and the Family

Updated annually, this practice guide describes the process for filing and documenting a visa petition to acquire legal status through a family relationship. Special aspects of family immigration are covered, such as revoking approvals of visa petitions and rescinding permanent resident status; retaining priority dates for visa petitions despite a change in the circumstances of the petitioner; petitioning for an adopted child or an orphan; and gaining legal status for widows, widowers and fiances of United States citizens, derivative beneficiaries, and other special categories of family members. Included in the appendices are a table of laws and rules, a table of cases, and agency material and forms.
Sarah B. Ignatius & Elisabeth S. Stickney

Immigration Law Service 2d

This treatise provides an analysis of immigration law and procedures, including the process for seeking admission and gaining entry, providing or obtaining citizenship, and citizenship documents. Included in the appendices are texts of relevant statutes and regulations, tables of cases and statutes, and agency manuals and memoranda. The treatise in looseleaf format is updated quarterly.
Anna Marie Gallagher

Immigration Legislation Handbook

This treatise analyzes new legislation affecting immigration law, and reports administrative and judicial cases interpreting the new provisions. The appendices include the texts of statutes. A new edition is published annually.
Austin T. Fragomen, Jr. et al., ed.

Immigration Procedures Handbook

This two-volume treatise reports and analyzes current immigration procedures and the latest policy developments in the immigration field. Sample forms for each visa category are included in their corresponding chapters. The treatise is updated annually.
Austin T. Fragomen, Jr. et al.

Insider Trading: Regulation, Enforcement and Prevention

Thio treatise discusses the law of insider trading, including the fiduciary obligations of corporate insiders, liability of persons receiving material nonpublic information, government enforcement of the insider trading prohibition, private rights of action, recovery under section 16(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and institutional liability for insider trading. Updated annually.
Donald C. Langevoort

Insurance Law in a Nutshell

This study aid is an introduction to the fundamentals of insurance law. It covers topics such as insurable interest, risk, insurer defenses, waiver and estoppel, recovery, subrogation, reinsurance, and bonds. It is currently in its 4th edition released in 2003.
John F. Dobbyn

Intellectual property : the law of copyrights, patents, and trademarks

Intellectual property : the law of copyrights, patents, and trademarks

This hornbook covers the major principles of intellectual property law, while also addressing emerging issues. It also deals with related topics, like false advertising and deceptive trade practices, and state law issues, including the misappropriation of intangibles and protection for the right of publicity.
Roger E. Schechter, John R. Thomas
Intellectual property and unfair competition in a nutshell

Intellectual Property and Unfair Competition in a Nutshell

This study guide provides an understanding of the creation of specific intellectual property rights as well as the determination of a commercial wrong. It discusses the historical inter-relationship between intellectual property law and the law of unfair competition. 
Charles R. McManis

Intellectual Property: Patents, Trademarks and Copyright in a Nutshell

Intellectual Property: Patents, Trademarks and Copyright in a Nutshell

A four-part study aid, focusing on the foundations and practice of patent, trademark and copyright law. Part 1V gives limited treatment to global intellectual property. Table of cases included.
Arthur Raphael Miller & Michael H. Davis

Interlinkages and the Effectiveness of Multilateral Environmental Agreements

Presents a selected history of environmental law and two brief case studies, one about environmental law and one about sustainable development law.
W. Bradnee Chambers

International Environmental Law in a Nutshell

This study aid is from the popular nutshell series and offers a concise overview of environmental law history, major topics (e.g. vessel-based pollution) and relevant policies.
Lakshman D. Guruswamy with Kevin L. Doran

International Environmental Law: Basic Instruments and References, 1992-1999

This is an update to an excellent combination of the actual text of treaties (and other legal instruments) and a brief historical contextualization commentary on these documents
Edith Brown Weiss, Daniel Barstow Magraw, Paul C. Szasz

International Human Rights in a Nutshell

This book provides an introduction to the historical background of international human rights and then moves on to discussing the major systems (United Nations, European, Inter-American, and African). There are also chapters on the United States and non-governmental organizations.
Thomas Buergenthal, Dinah Shelton & David P. Stewart

International human rights law 2014

International Human Rights Law

This is a collection of new essays covering the origins, substantive human rights, protection regimes, and interaction with other international law components. The final section addresses recent challenges such as non-state actors, terrorism, poverty, and environmental degradation.
Daniel Moeckli, Sangeeta Shah, Sandesh Sivakumaran, editors