Kurzban's Immigration Law Sourcebook: A Comprehensive Outline and Reference Tool

This sourcebook is a reference guide to relevant federal and administrative cases, regulations and statutes, and agency rulings for all major areas of immigration law. It can be used to pinpoint the significant cases and references on a particular topic, or as a basis for further research on a particular issue.
Ira J. Kurzban

Labor and Employment Law

This multi-volume set is the most detailed treatise on labor law. Entire volumes are devoted to the National Labor Relations Act, Employment Discrimination, Americans with Disabilities Act, Family and Medical Leave, Occupational Safety and Health, Arbitration, and general employment issues. Some sample checklists and forms are included. A comprehensive index is the final volume. 
N. Peter Lareau

Labor Law in a Nutshell

This nutshell reviews the early regulations set up to guide employee-employer relations and provides an overview for the structure and procedure of the modern-day National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Legal topics, such as picketing, employer responses, and the duty to bargain are included.
Douglas L. Leslie

Land Use in a Nutshell

This study aid outlines major topics in the study of land use and planning. It offers explanations on the historical development of land use law and also devotes a chapter to discussing critical contemporary land use issues. Chapters also include discussions of zoning, Fifth Amendment limits on land use regulations, housing and urban redevelopment, local environmental law as a land use issue, and historical and cultural interest protection.
John R. Nolon and Patricia E. Salkin

Land Use Law

This selective treatise is designed to review case law, statutes, as well as planning practice in Land Use. It is organized in outline format and includes an index of topics and table of cases. The book is supplemented and updated on Lexis with additional case citations and notes.
Daniel R. Mandelker

Land Use Planning and Development Regulation Law

This study aid provides an overview of major topics in land use planning and development regulation. In addition, the online practioner version of this hornbook offers additional annotations and citations of authority, updated regularly. Some topics covered include zoning basics and process; subdivision and planned unit development control law; growth management and smart growth; constitutional limits on land use controls; aesthetic regulation and historic preservation; regulation and protection of environmentally sensitive lands; agricultural land protection and preservations; and eminent domain.
Julian Conrad Juergensmeyer & Thomas E. Roberts

Law and Jurisprudence in American History : Cases and Materials

In 1980 this was the first casebook devoted to American legal and constitutional history. Now in its 8th ed., it continues to cover how law and legal theory have influenced politics and society in American history.
Stephen B. Presser & Jamil S. Zainaldin eds

Law of Agency and Partnership

This treatise is a basic West hornbook on the law of agency, covering topics such as ratification, termination of agent's powers, master and servant and duties of agent to principal. The appendices include the Uniform Partnership Act, Uniform Limited Partnership Act and the Revised Uniform Limited Partnership Act. 
William A. Gregory

Law of Computer Technology

This work contains discussions of emerging issues, current law and legal guidance regarding computer technology issues, including intellectual property, commercial transactions, computer crime, information privacy and disclosure, computer error and use liability, and electronic publishing.
Raymond T. Nimmer

Law of Disability Discrimination

This treatise focuses on the major components of the ADA, with extensive reference to the implementing regulations and accompanying guidance statements. It also covers education, housing, insurance, and the protection of newborns with disabilities.
Ruth Colker

Law of Environmental Protection

This 3-volume treatise provides a review of the laws administered by the EPA and guidance on compliance and procedural requirements.
Seldon M. Novick

Law of Federal Courts

This study aid, from the Hornbook Series, features an overview of the Federal Court system. It is arranged topically by chapter on key issues in federal procedure and practice. Tables of Cases, Statutes, and Court Rules are included for ease of navigation. The most recent edition of this title is the sixth edition, published in 2002. 
Charles Alan Wright & Mary Kay Kane
Law of independent power

Law of Independent Power : development, cogeneration, utility regulation

This treatise addresses the statutory, administrative, judicial and practical aspects of independent power and cogeneration law, including coverage of This treatise focuses on the area of independent power and cogeneration law, addressing statutory, administrative, and judicial issues. It covers marketing and financial issues, as well as technical areas such as engineering and distribution.
Steven Ferrey
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Law of independent power : development/cogeneration/utility regulation

This treatise addresses the statutory, administrative, judicial and practical aspects of independent power and cogeneration law, including coverage of engineering, distribution, marketing, financial, and tax issues.
Steven Ferry

Law of Independent Power: Development/Cogeneration/Utility Regulation

This treatise addresses the statutory, administrative, judicial and practical aspects of independent power and cogeneration law, including coverage of engineering, distribution, marketing, financial, and tax issues.
Steven Ferrey

Law of Real Property

This multi-volume treatise is devoted to discussing topics in real property. Although it is primarily devoted to discussing decisions and developments in real property in the past forty years, it also offers background into the development of modern property law. It is divided into six parts - Part I, Introduction; Part II, Capacity to hold and deal with interests in land; Part IIII, Permissible interests in Land; Part IV, Relations between owners of permissible interests in land; Part V, Relations between owners of permissible interests in land and the community; and Part VI, Acquisition and transfer of interests in land. The set also includes a practice guide that offers practice tips for practitioners. Georgetown orders and binds a new set of the title every three years.
Richard Powell

Law of the Internet

The treatise covers topics such as applying privacy laws to electronic communications issues, ensuring secure electronic transactions, cryptography, and digital signatures, protecting intellectual property online through link licenses and jurisdiction in cyberspace, as well as others.
George B. Delta & Jeffrey H. Matsuura

Law of the Internet

This treatise looks at electronic contracts, privacy, jurisdiction, trademark, securities regulation and much more on the Internet. Open Source software and licensing is also featured.
F. Lawrence Street et.al.

Law of Water Rights and Resources

This multi volume treatise covers the law of water quantity allocation in the US, discussing both riparian and prior appropriation systems. Additionally, it discusses other laws affecting certain classes of water, such as navigation, recreation, and environmental quality maintenance. The treatise covers both federal and state regulation of water rights. This treatise is updated annually.
A. Dan Tarlock

Lawrence's Anderson on the Uniform Commercial Code.

This Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) multi-volume treatise provides complete article-by-article analysis and expert commentary on the UCC. It encompasses the complete code text with official comments, and examines cases and statutory developments from all jurisdictions. Updated periodically. 
Lary Lawrence