Macey on Corporation Law

This treatise examines the Model Business Corporation Act, the Delaware General Corporation Act and the ALI's Principles of Corporate Governance. All statutory text sections are followed by an area of analysis, comment and statutory comparison, as well as selected references and cases. Updated by supplementary pages at least annually.
Jonathan R. Macey

Main Currents in American Legal Thought

This treatise is written for lawyers interested in a basic history of American jurisprudence. It provides an introduction to sociological jurisprudence, legal realism, law and economics, and feminist jurisprudence. 
Bernard Schwartz
Manning on Estate Planning 2013 7d

Manning on Estate Planning

This treatise offers extensive guidance to estate planning, including the martial deduction and nonmarital share, providing for children, gifts and generation-skipping transfers, grantor-retained interest trusts, life insurance, retirement benefits, estate and gift tax issues affecting business interests, family and partner interests in a business, joint interests, choosing executors and trustees, and the payment of estate taxes. Updated online.
Jerome A. Manning

March of Liberty: A Constitutional History of the United States

This two volume treatise provides a narrative overview of the development of American law and constitutionalism as they relate to politics, economics and social history. It is often paired with the authors' two volume compilation of original sources - Documents of American Legal and Constitutional History. Volume 1 of both sets covers the founding of the country to 1890 with volume 2 of each covering 1877 to the present.
Melvin I. Urofsky & Paul Finkelman.

Mass Communications Law in a Nutshell

Provides a brief overview of mass communication law, including the role of the FCC, the First Amendment, defamation, and Internet law.
Harvey L. Zuckman et al.

Mathijsen's Guide to European Union Law: as Amended by the Treaty of Lisbon

Provides a good introduction to the history and development of the EU, from its origins as the European Coal and Steel Community to the accession of Croatia in 2013. Also covers the EU's institutions and policies, its role in international trade, and its relations with other countries and international organizations.
P.S.R.F. Mathijsen

McCarthy on Trademarks and Unfair Competition

This multi-volume pre-eminent treatise discusses the function of trademarks and their protection, assignment and licensing, infringement, the principles of unfair competition and the Patent and Trademark Office's proceedings. The appendices cover the texts of statutes, rules of practice, legislative history and tables of cases and statutes. The print treatise is in looseleaf format.
J. Thomas McCarthy

McCormick on Evidence

This treatise combines evidence rules and case law in a moderate sized volume for use by both practioners and students. The primary topics covered include examination of witnesses, admission and exclusion, competency, privilege, relevancy, writings, the hearsay rule, judicial notice and burden of proof.
Kenneth S. Broun

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McLaughlin on Class Actions.

This treatise synthesizes case law and legislation concerning Federal Rule 23, its state analogs, and the Class Action Fairness Act. It is in its 3rd edition printed in 2006.
Joseph M. McLaughlin

McQuillin's Law of Municipal Corporations

This is a 20-volume jurisdiction-based treatise, published since 1904. Covering all aspects of municipal corporations law, McQuillin’s is considered the definitive work in the area. The library no longer updates the print version, however, the current full-text version (with the most recent updates) is available on Westlaw.

Mediation: Law, Policy, Practice

This treatise is designed to be used by judges, legislators, and practicing attorneys involved in mediation. It reviews mediation law, including the identification of relevant cases and statutes in each state, and it analyzes some of the areas where various relevant legal doctrines have not yet been applied to mediation.
Sarah R. Cole, Craig A. McEwen & Nancy H. Rogers

Mediation: Practice, Policy, and Ethics

This treatise provides comprehensive coverage of the mediation field, including law and policy, case examples, practice guidelines, and ethical guidelines and dilemmas. The authors also present critiques of mediation, along with discussions of its promise and potential, and they utilize a practical problem-solving approach that includes both analytical and behavioral approaches in varying gender, race, and cultural contexts.
Carrie Menkel-Meadow, Lela Porter Love & Andrea Kupfer Schneider

Michie on Banks and Banking

With 13 volumes, this set provides encyclopedic coverage of case law focusing on the organization, functions, rights, duties, powers and liabilities of banks and other financial institutions..

Migration and International Legal Norms

This treatise provides a comprehensive analysis of the scope of international law on migration. Major sections focus on state authority and responsibility, forced migration, human rights of migrants and labor, trade and development.
T. Alexander Aleinikoff, Vincent Chetail , eds.

Milgrim on Trade Secrets

This treatise provides extensive coverage of the law relating to the protection and use of trade secrets. Issues discussed include licensing of trade secrets, contractual and legal protections of trade secrets as well as how trade secrets relate to copyright and patent law. The appendices contain laws, regulations, reports as well as articles. A table of cases is also included. The print version is in looseleaf format and is supplemented approximately three times each year.
Roger M. Milgrim

Military Criminal Justice: Practice and Procedure

Definitive one-volume covers both substantive and procedural aspects of the law.
David A. Schlueter

Modern Communication Law

Three volumes, updated by pocket parts. Provides extensive, scholarly analysis of laws and policies relating to new media, the Internet, Direct Broadcasting Satellite, etc., including the Telecommunications Act of 1996. It also examines the key constitutional, statutory, and administrative provisions governing communications in the United States. Provides extensive citations to judicial and administrative decisions.
Harvey L. Zuckman et al.

Modern Constitutional Law.

Multi-volume legal treatise providing analysis of modern constitutional law. Issues covered include: religion; the First Amendment; privacy; private property, freedom of enterprise; freedom of contract; equal protection; civil and criminal justice; states and the federal government; federalism; separation of powers; and constitutional litigation. Updated by pocket parts annually.
Chester James Antieau.

Modern Legal Ethics

This hornbook covers a multitude of legal ethics topics including " Lawyers' Regulation of Lawyers and the Legal Profession; Professional Discipline of Lawyers; Lawyers and Clients: Client-Lawyer Relationship; Lawyer Competence."
Charles W. Wolfram
Modern Treaty Law and Practice 2013

Modern Treaty Law and Practice

The author, a 35-year veteran of the British Foreign Office, explains how practical issues of treaty interpretation are dealt with on a daily basis. In addition to extensive commentary on the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, the book covers memoranda of understanding, and the effects of changed circumstances.
Anthony Aust