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American Law of Mining

This treatise addresses all facets of mining law, from leases and access rights to taxation and environmental regulation. It is edited by the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation.
Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation

American Law of Zoning

This multi-volume treatise covers all aspects of zoning law. It also includes some particularly ulseful introductory chapters such as "Players in the Land Use Game" and a research guide "Land Use Resources on the Internet." (This book was formerly referred to as Anderson's American Law of Zoning.)
Patricia E. Salkin

American Law: A Treatise on the Jurisprudence, Constitution and Laws of the United States

This early 20th century treatise attempted to arrange jurisprudence, laws and the constitution of the United States in an analytical method to promote the study of U.S. law. The primary classification of legal subjects, the sources and systems of law and the national government are just a few of the topics touched upon by Andrews.
James DeWitt Andrews

American Legal History: Cases and Materials

Now in its 4th ed., this casebook's rich mix of narrative, original source excerpts and discussion notes continues to focus on how legal, political, economic and social changes have interacted over the last four centuries to create a uniquely American culture of law.
Kermit Hall, Paul Finkelman, and James W. Ely, Jr. eds.

American Legal Systems: A Resource and Reference Guide

"This book provides an overview of American legal institutions and sources of law, and presents a guide to the interrelationships between and among those institutions and legal authorities. It discusses the defining role of the doctrine of stare decisis in the American common law system and the critical judicial review function. In addition, American Legal Systems shows the reader how to determine and apply the relative priorities of sources of law, all in the context of the legislative process, agency action, and principles of constitutional and legislative supremacy. American Legal Systems ties many of these concepts to the realities of law practice. Portions of the book demonstrate how to locate specific resources, use legal terms, and prepare commonplace legal documents. Among the main virtues of the book is its "reader-friendliness." It introduces readers to some extremely complicated issues of American jurisprudence in a clear and straightforward way."
Toni M. Fine

American Legal Thought from Pre-Modernism to Post-Modernism: An Intellectual Voyage

"American legal thought has progressed remarkably quickly from premodernism to modernism and into postmodernism in little over two hundred years, running from the nation's founding through today. This book tells the story of this mercurial journey through jurisprudence by showing the development of legal thought through these three intellectual periods. Feldman's narrative revolves around two broad interrelated themes: jurisprudential foundations and the idea of progress. Comprehensive and accessible, the book draws on significant cases from Supreme Court history to provide a handy one-volume overview for law students, practitioners, and legal scholars."
Stephen M. Feldman

Americans with Disabilities Act Handbook

Targeted to practitioners, this treatise contains materials helpful to ADA litigation including the full text of the ADA and related EEOC guidelines, forms and checklists for all stages of litigation, as well as legislative history materials for the ADA and the earlier, related Rehabilitation Act. It is updated regularly with a cumulative supplement.
Henry H. Perritt, Jr

Americans with Disabilities: Practice and Compliance Manual

This treatise explains the rights of persons with disabilities in employment, housing, education, transportation, public spaces, and telecommunication systems. It covers the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the Rehabilitation Act, the Fair Housing Act, and the Civil Rights Act. Forms are included at the end of most chapters.
Thomas R. Trenkner

An Illustrated Guide to Civil Procedure

This study aid is designed to give students a problem-based introduction to the study of civil procedure. Beginning with a hypothetical case of age discrimination, the book follows the case through the application of procedural rules throughout the life of the case. Additionally, this book features illustrations to explain the process and map out the life of the case. The book features some examples of litigation documents as well.
Michael Allen & Michael Finch

An Introduction to Agency, Partnership & LLCs

While more of a casebook, than a treatise, this does provide a basic overview of the law of agency, partnerships and LLCs. We've included it because it includes a sample partnership agreement and a limited liability company operating agreement in its appendix.
Melvin A. Eisenberg

An Introduction to English Legal History

Now in its 4th edition, this text was written to provide students with a basic knowledge of the historical development of England’s common law, legal institutions, and legal culture from Anglo-Saxon times to the early 21st century. It is a touchstone introductory work for the study of English legal history. The individual chapters provide chronological accounts of the principal developments in specific institutional, substantive, and procedural subjects of English legal history; each chapter closes with a bibliography of further readings.
John H. Baker

Anglo-American Legal Heritage

This book covers the historical development of modern Anglo-American law. It explores medieval English feudalism, the early development of the modern nation state in the Early Modern period, the development of English and American law through the end of the nineteenth century. It concludes with discussions of twentieth century developments in Anglo-American jurisprudential theories. This texts's mix of narrative discussions, excerpts from original sources and secondary scholarship, illustrations, and facsimiles of original materials provides an edifying and entertaining introduction to Anglo-American legal history.
Daniel R. Coquillette

Antieau on Local Government Law

The print version is a six-volume encyclopedic work in looseleaf format. First published in 1955, it offers a comprehensive analysis of local government law and is supplemented three times a year. Lexis carries an up-to-date full-text version where users can browse or search the table of contents, or conduct a full-text search.
Sandra M. Stevenson

Antitrust Law

The Examples and Explanations edition examines the economics of antitrust, the Sherman Act, price discrimination and the scope of antitrust, in general.
Christopher Sagers

Antitrust Law & Economics in a Nutshell

This study aid provides an introduction to the concepts and principles of antitrust law. In addition to discussions of the common law roots of antitrust law and current statutory authority, this nutshell includes chapters devoted to the relevant economic theories and specific applications of antitrust law, such as in mergers.  A table of cases and statutory appendix are also included. 
Ernest Gellhorn

Antitrust Law: An Analysis of Antitrust Principles & Their Application

Nineteen-volume looseleaf publication which includes in-depth examinations of thousands of cases. Updated with supplements and revisions. Appendices include reprints of selected statutes and antitrust guidelines.
Phillip E. Areeda, Herbert Hovenkamp

Antitrust Laws and Trade Regulation.

This ten-volume treatise on antitrust law includes analysis of antitrust violation, discussion of antitrust issues affecting specific industries, citations to cases, regulatory analysis, and analysis of antitrust laws of U.S. states and several foreign countries. Includes a table of cases and index volume. (Updated with looseleaf supplements).
Julian O. Von Kalinowski

Art Law Handbook

This treatise contains three parts which focus on artists and rights, the business of art and death and taxes. Selected forms are included at the end of each chapter. Last updated in 2004 with a supplement.
Roy S. Kaufman, ed

Art Law in a Nutshell

This study aid provides a summary of federal and state law as it pertains to art and is written for all to understand. Sixteen chapters cover such topics as auctions, insurance, taxes, copyright, trademark, and freedom of expression.  
Leonard D. DuBoff

Art, Artifact and Architecture Law

Coverage includes taxation, bankruptcy, copyright, fraud and forgery, international trade and cultural property as well as the 1990 Visual Artists Rights Act. Appendices contain various federal and state laws as well as international conventions pertaining to art.
Jessica L. Darraby