White Collar Crime in a Nutshell

Quick overview of topics including conspiracy, corporate criminal liability, securities fraud, bribery, extortion and other white collar crimes.
Ellen S. Podgor and Jerold H. Israel

Williston on Contracts 4th.

This multi-volume treatise provides comprehensive coverage and analysis of all aspects of contract law. Williston discusses the law and the reasoning behind it, especially in judicial decisions, and includes historical underpinnings, majority and minority views, and current trends. An extensive forms collection is included in separate print volumes, as well as online. Updated annually.
Samuel Williston

Williston on Sales

This multi-volume treatise provides comprehensive coverage and in-depth analysis of sales law and focuses on the sections under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) governing sales transactions. Topics addressed include the contract of sale, rules of construction, statute of frauds and warranties. Updated with pocket parts.
Samuel Williston
Wills and Trusts in a Nutshell 2012

Wills and Trusts in a Nutshell

Written as a study aid for students enrolled in Wills and Trusts, this nutshell focuses on such topics as anti-lapse statutes, disclaimers and pretermitted heirs.
Robert L. Mennell

Wyatt & Dashwood's European Union Law

First published more than 30 years ago, this guide provides detailed analysis of the EU’s treaties, institutions, decision-making procedures, and mechanisms for judicial review and enforcement. It also includes in-depth discussion of select areas of substantive law, including the internal market, competition law, and intellectual property.
Alan Dashwood et.al.

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Zoning and Land Use Controls

This multi-volume treatise covers government regulation of the use and development of land. It devotes a large focus on local controls of land, but also discusses state and federal controls. It also incorporates primary materials and practical issues and includes a full set of the Model Planning Statutes. 
Patrick J. Rohan & Eric Damian Kelly