Civil Procedure in a Nutshell

This study aid offers concise explanations of major topics in civil procedure. The seventh edition, published in 2014, offers explanations on jurisdictional issues, pretrial processes and procedure, trial, judgments, appeals, and multi-party/multi-claim proceedings.
Mary Kay Kane

Civil Procedure: Examples and Explanations

This study aid divides topics in civil procedure by chapter. Each chapter includes a brief introduction to the concept and is then followed by a number of examples. Figures and charts of the rules are included. The most recent edition of this title is the Sixth Edition, published in 2008.
Joseph W. Glannon

Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Litigation: The Law of Section 1983

This three volume treatise is arranged topically and covers in-depth actions arising under Section 1983. It additionally provides two useful appendixes: one that provides a checklist for Section 1983 damages and relief actions, and the other that provides revised forms. It includes both a table of cases and an index to assist in finding relevant information. This title is supplemented/updated annually. 

Civil Rights Law and Practice.

This hornbook is a useful introduction to civil rights law and practice. The second edition is the most recent and was published in 2004.
Harold S. Lewis, Jr. & Elizabeth J. Norman

Class Actions and Other Multi-Party Litigation in a Nutshell

The most recent edition of this overview was published in 2007, and covers the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005, the 2003 amendments to Rule 23, and numerous important court decisions rendered since the last edition. Major topics of class action law and practice, such as commencement of a class action, requirements for class certification, class action discovery, notice to class members, "opt-out" rights, Seventh Amendment and due process issues, class settlements, remedies, appellate review, issue and claim preclusion, and ethical and policy issues are included.
Robert H. Klonoff

Class Actions: The Law of 50 States.

The Class Action Fairness Act of 2005 removed many class actions from state to federal district court. The ramifications of this legislation are explored here. It provides guidance on: identifying a potential class action; determining ex parte class certification; conducting pre-certification discovery; selecting a proper class representative; preparing pleadings and pre-certification motion papers; responding to adversary's motions and counterclaims; fulfilling requirements for class certification; delivering timely and proper notice to class members; pursuing the case through discovery and trial, settling the case and winning the court's approval; and satisfying the rigorous guidelines governing fee awards. It is a looseleaf which is updated when necessary.
Thomas A. Dickerson

Clear and Effective Legal Writing

This treatise contains three major parts which focus on learning to read legal materials, learning to write legal documents and creating specific legal documents. Sample documents include an interoffice memo, a memo of points and authorities and an appellate brief. The appendices provide an overview of English sentence structure and formatting legal documents.
Veda R. Charrow, Myra K. Erhardt, Robert P. Charrow

Cohen's Handbook of Federal Indian Law

Described as "the single most important work in the field," this classic text treats the historical development of Indian policy, the tribal-federal relationship, principles of interpretation and issues such as civil rights, natural resources and tribal property. This one-volume treatise is updated by pocket parts every other year.

Collier on Bankruptcy. 15th ed. rev.

This multi-volume set is considered, "a classic treatise on the law of bankruptcy which has been published continuously by the Matthew Bender Company since the passage of the Bankruptcy Act of 1898." Also included are commercial and consumer forms, a listing of State Exemptions, and Bankruptcy Rules. Updated monthly.

Communications Law and Practice

Loose-leaf for updating. Provides an in-depth, practice-oriented overview of federal regulation of telephone, wireless, radio, television, and satellite communications.
Morton I. Hamburg, Stuart N. Brotman
Comparative environmental law and regulation / Nicholas A. Robinson

Comparative Environmental Law & Regulation

This looseleaf treatise takes a global approach to its analysis of environmental laws and regulations. It contains reviews for individual countries that cover similar topics, and examine the role of environmental laws on business while offering advice on dealing with regulations and enforcement.
Nicholas A. Robinson

Comparative Environmental Law & Regulation

This looseleaf treatise analyzes the key environmental laws,regulations, and implementation systems and agencies of 39 countries from around the globe.Each country review covers similar topics concerning the potential impact of environmental laws on business transactions and a business's decision to enter the marketplace, and also offers advice on dealing with regulatory and enforcement authorities.
Nicholas A. Robinson
Comparative Law and Society 2012

Comparative Law and Society

Split into two parts, this treatise examines the methods and issues that comparative law practitioneers face in society. The 19 essays in this book are written by experts within their fields from all over the world. They touch on everything from differences in legal education and law firm cultures to the studies of comparative sociology and anthropology of law.
David S. Clark, ed.
Comparative Law in a Changing World 2007

Comparative Law in a Changing World. 3rd ed.

Written to be accessible by both undergraduates and postgraduates, this book looks at common areas of substantive law, like commercial law and contracts and compares the laws within the major legal systems of the world. The latest edition looks outside of Europe to the Russian federation ans non-Western legal traditions as well.
Peter de Cruz

Comparative law in a global context: the legal systems of Asia and Africa. 2nd ed

Contemporary analysis of post-colonial systems in a new era of globalization.
Werner Menski.

Comparative legal traditions in a nutshell. 3rd ed.

With a focus on the European civil law systems, the nutshell highlights concepts, institutions, and actors in the civilian tradition and in European human rights.
Mary Ann Glendon, Paolo G. Carozza, Colin B. Picker.

Computer Law: A Guide to Cyberlaw & Data Privacy Law

After providing an overview of computers and software, both Federal and State privacy laws are examined as they deal with data protection. Cloud computing and RFID are covered in this treatise also.
David Bender

Concise Guide to Legal Research and Writing

This treatise focuses on the court system, primary and secondary sources, then outlines the legal writing process. There are research assignments throughout the volume.
Deborah E. Bouchoux

Constitutional Analysis in a Nutshell.

Study aid focusing on how the Constitution defines and protects individual liberties. A case outline of constitutional liberty is almost a third of the volume.
Thomas E Baker & Jerre S. Williams.

Constitutional Law - Individual Rights

This Examples and Explanations Series book on individual rights, such as the right to bear arms, equal protection and due process, is a quick study guide for those looking to get an understanding of these constitutional rights.
Allen Ides