Constitutional Law in a Nutshell.

The allocation of powers and individual rights and liberties is the emphasis of this study aid on constitutional law which includes case notes throughout.
Jerome A. Barron & C. Thomas Dienes

Constitutional Law, Individual Rights

This study aid covers the Takings and Contracts clauses; the Due Process and Equal Protection clauses; and the Speech, Press, and Religion clauses of the First Amendment. The approach of the authors is to provide a problem-oriented guide through the principle doctrines, emphasizing how one might think about the issues that arise. The most current edition was published in 2007.
Allan Ides and Christopher N. May

Constitutional Law: Principles and Policies.

Single volume treatise focusing on the federal judicial, legislative and executive powers. Other topics covered include limits on state regulatory and taxing powers, civil rights, due process, economic liberties and equal protection.
Erwin Chemerinsky
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Consumer Credit and the Law

This single volume treatise covers topics including obtaining credit, Truth-in-Lending disclosures, regulation of the price of credit, debt collection, and the credit consumer's remedies for various problems.
Richard M. Alderman and Dee Pridgen
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Consumer Financial Services

Updated annually, this treatise examines the topics of fair lending, insurance, financial institutions and privacy, RESPA, Truth in Lending, bank secrecy and securities law.
Andrew Sandler & Benjamin Klubes

Consumer Protection and the Law

This is a step-by-step guide covering topics such as consumer protection laws related to advertising, sales practices, unfair and deceptive trade practices, consumer fraud, and product warranties. It covers the UCC and the Magnuson-Moss Act; federal and FTC law, including "Little FTC Acts," surveys each topic through analysis of its administration, procedures, remedies, and litigation strategies, and reviews common law, state consumer protection laws, federal odometer laws, home and car sales, and warranties of habitability.
Dee Pridgen

Consumer Protection Law in a Nutshell

This study aid explores the traditional areas in consumer protection and covers the state and federal laws dealing with electronic transactions. Topics discussed include public and private actions to regulate consumer markets; methods of inducing consumer transaction; the consumer credit market; credit reports; identity theft; credit repair; and equal access to credit. Text also addresses disclosure terms in consumer transactions, regulating the cost of credit, and other terms in consumer transactions.
Gene A. Marsh

Contracts in a Nutshell

This study guide serves as a preliminary overview of the principles of the law of Contracts and of Sale of Goods in the U.S. Almost one third of the book covers contract formation, but other topics included are interpretation, defenses, modification and remedies.
Claude Rowher & Anthony Skorcki

Contracts. 3rd ed.

Extensive footnotes to case law and secondary sources are the hallmark of this classic coverage of contract law. Marginal notes make this treatise easy to scan for relevant coverage. Following an introductory section, the three volumes analyze enforceability of promises, scope and effect of promises and enforcement of promises. Volume 3 also includes a Table of Cases, Table of UCC sections, Table of Restatements of the Law and a Table of Authorities.
E. Allan Farnsworth

Contracts: Examples & Explanations

This study guide provides a cursory overview to introduce first year law students to an understanding of contract law. Examples are used extensively to illustrate concepts discussed. Citation of authority is kept to a minimum in this series. A glossary of terms is included at the end of the book.
Brian A. Blum

Copyright Examples and Explanations

Copyright: Examples and Explanations

Copyright law examples and explanations are provided in this four-part work. It includes an overview of copyright, copyrightable subject matter, ownership and transactions, statutory rights, and copyright litigation. Examples in the work are drawn from judicial opinions, news reports and student questions. 
Stephen M. McJohn

Corbin on Contracts

Long called the "classic treatise on contract law," Corbin's work has been revised by Joseph Perillo, but the unique Corbin style has been preserved. Containing more than 90 chapters, the major parts of this multi-volume treatise are: formation of contracts, statute of frauds, interpretation, parol evidence, avoidance and reformation, construction and legal operation of contracts, rights of third parties, breach of contracts, judicial remedies, discharge and impossibility, and contracts contrary to public policy. Supplementary volumes published annually.
Arthur L. Corbin
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Corporation Forms

This two volume looseleaf treatise includes a collection of forms and clauses needed to document corporate activities from pre-incorporation to dissolution. Each form is preceded by explanations of when, how, and why it should be used, and is accompanied by expert commentary. Print edition last updated in 2009.
Marvin Hyman

Corporation Law

This treatise is part of the West Hornbook series, intended as a basic guide to corporation law for law students. The author uses a conversational style to discuss topics such as formation, financial structure, governance, duties of directors and officers, securities fraud and regulation, and mergers and acquisitions. The appendix offers tips for researching corporation law on Westlaw. A table of cases is included. 
Franklin A. Gevurtz

Corporation Law and Economics

Designed for lawyers and law students, this treatise is more intuitive than theoretical. The author examines the economic implications of financing the corporation, director primacy, duty of care, shareholder voting, insider trading and more
Stephen M. Bainbridge

Corporations : Examples and Explanations

This study guide covers all aspects of corporations from formation to shareholder voting rights to liquidity rights to fundamental corporate changes. This guide is written for the law student.
Alan R. Palmiter

Couch on Insurance

This is the definitive multi-volume looseleaf treatise on insurance with forms, analysis and case law. Some of the major parts analyze the insurance contract, premiums, dividends and loans, risks and activities covered by an insurance policy and adjustment of disputed claims. It is continually updated with new looseleaf pages.
Lee R. Russ and Thomas F. Segalla

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Courtroom Criminal Evidence

This treatise is geared for the criminal trial attorney and covers the current status of the law of evidence, relying on the common law, Federal Rules of Evidence, federal statutes and exclusionary rules of the U.S. Supreme Court. Such topics as trial procedure, competency of witnesses, real evidence and search or seizure are examined in detail. Updated annually.
Edward J. Imwinkelried et al

Cox & Hazen on Corporations

This three volume comprehensive treatise analyzes all areas of corporate law on both a judicial and statutory level. The authors based this work on the classic Ballantine on Corporations;and close attention is given to the Model Business Corporation Act throughout the text. They also detail the corporate formation pocess, capital structure, classes of securities, rights and powers of shareholders and many other crititcal corporate governance issues. Library's edition last updated in 2009.
James D. Cox &Thomas Lee Hazen

Criminal Constitutional Law

This wide-ranging treatise examines all of the constitutional issues involved in criminal law. Criminal Constitutional Law provides substantive discussion, as well as procedural guidelines on tactics and strategy. The treatise analyzes all important federal and state decisions interpreting Constitutional provisions. Updated online regularly.
David S. Rudenstein, et al