Criminal Law in a Nutshell

The author calls this a "succinct exposition of substantive criminal law." It is broken down into seven parts: punishment, specific crimes, ingredients of a crime, special defenses, proof of facts, inchoate and group criminality, and limitations of the criminal law. Includes a table of cases.
Arnold Loewy

Criminal Law: Examples & Explanations

This study guide introduces readers to a broad range of criminal law doctrines, such as actus reus mens rea, and conspiracy, as well as addressing several specific crimes and defenses. Includes a table of cases and subject index.
Richard G. Singer & John Q. La Fond

Criminal Procedure

This is a seven-volume treatise analyzing every aspect of criminal procedure from pre-arrest investigation through pretrial, trial, post-conviction and on to appellate proceedings.
Wayne LaFave et. al.

Criminal Procedure: Constitutional Limitations in a Nutshell

The authors concentrate on the constitutional aspects of criminal procedure in this overview. Chapters cover the constitutional regulation of police investigations, grand jury investigations, and the right to counsel. A table of cases is included.
Jerold H. Israel & Wayne R. LaFave

Cyclopedia of Federal Procedure

This multi-volume treatise contains topical annotations regarding federal procedure. Indexes include table of cases and statutes. This title is no longer updated in print.
Clark A. Nichols, et. al.
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Debtor-Creditor Law.

This is a comprehensive multi-volume treatise, written by prominent experts in the field, offering complete coverage of all aspects of the debtor-creditor relationship, including current case law, practical guidance and numerous forms for the practitioner. In addition to comprehensive coverage of federal consumer credit legislation and the reprint of related statutes and regulations, Debtor-Creditor Law also features chapters covering several Uniform Commercial Code Articles. Updated online only.
Theodore Eisenberg (ed.)

Determining Child & Spousal Support

This treatise provides the basic tools for support determination for both children and spouses. It includes a state-by-state table of rules and laws, as well as forms. It is updated annually.
Marian F. Dobbs
Dictionary of International Human Rights Law

Dictionary of International Human Rights Law

More of a concise reference source than a treatise, this book offers quick background information on terms in the human rights context. For example, the "right to vote" entry discusses which articles of various human rights treaties address this.
Connie de la Vega

Digital Communications Law

This treatise covers all aspects of the law surrounding digital communications, including taxation, privacy, civil litigation, intellectual property, cross-border commerce and more. This volume covers tweeting, using Facebook and e-mail, to name just a few of the forms of digital communications.
Henry H. Perritt

Digital Media Law

This treatise examines the regulation of telecommunications and the internet. The intellectual property surrounding digital media is examined in detail.
Ashley Packard
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Disabilities and the Law

This treatise provides a comprehensive overview of the rights of persons with disabilities in the areas of education, employment, public accommodations and public services, housing, transportation, and health care.
Laura Rothstein & Julia Irzyk

Disability Civil Rights Law and Policy

This hornbook discusses federal, state, and international disability law.
Peter Blanck, et al.

Disability Discrimination and the Workplace

This treatise provides detailed analysis of federal and state disability discrimination laws and the interactions of the ADA with other key employment statutes.
Peter Susser

Disability Discrimination and the Workplace

A treatise focused on federal and state laws on disability discrimination, it contains case analysis and examines the interaction of the ADA with other statutes
Peter Susser
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Disability Law Deskbook: the Americans With Disabilities Act in the Workplace

This book, created for the Practicing Law Institute, focuses on the ADA's impact on businesses and employment of persons with disabilities. 
Michael A. Faillace
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Domke on Commercial Arbitration

This treatise covers both domestic and foreign commercial arbitration. It includes references to federal statutes, case law, and arbitration rules, as well as forms, checklists, illustrated examples, procedural outlines, and other practice tips.
Martin Domke

Education Law

Nationally-oriented 7-volume loose-leaf treatise. Covers both federal and state laws affecting public and private educational institutions at all levels.
James A. Rapp (ed.)

Elder Law and Financial Strategies

This treatise looks at all aspects of financial planning necessary for the later years in life. Topics covered include social security, durable powers of attorney, retirement planning, trusts, estate planning, medicare & medicaid and much more.
Jerry A. Hyman

Elder Law in a Nutshell

This study guide introduces the reader to the area of law surrounding aging Americans. It focuses on ethical considerations in dealing with older clients, health care decision making, Medicare, Medicaid and long-term insurance. Other topics include nursing homes, guardianship, Social Security benefits and veterans' benefits.
Lawrence A. Frolik & Richard L. Kalplan

Elderlaw: Advocacy for the Aging

Written with the practitioner in mind, this serves as a reference manual on representing the elderly and covers Medicare, Medicaid, alternative housing, private pension plans and more. Updated online only.
Joan M. Krauskopf