Family Law in a Nutshell

This study aid is designed to provide a succinct exposition of family law. This title addresses perspectives in family law, creation of the marriage relationship, spousal rights and obligations, creation of the parent/child relationship, termination of marital status and economic consequences of divorce. The Fifth Edition is the most recent edition of this title, published in 2007.
Harry D. Krause & David D. Meyer

FDA Regulatory Affairs : A Guide for Prescription Drugs, Medical Devices, and Biologics

The authors provide a roadmap to the multitude and often confusing regulations that govern the constantly changing field of drug law. The book examines the pertinent aspects of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act as they apply to human drug and device development, research, manufacturing, and marketing.
Douglas J. Pisano, David Mantus, eds.

Federal Antitrust Policy: The Law of Competition and its Practice.

Nearly all aspects of federal antitrust policy are covered in this Hornbook, and it's written so you don't need a background in economics to understand it. Expert narration states the "black letter" law and presents policy arguments for alternatives. Text also includes and analysis of recent Supreme Court and lower-court decisions. Includes tables of cases and statutes.
Herbert Hovenkamp

Federal Banking Law Reporter

An eight-volume looseleaf service, with detailed coverage of federal laws and regulations related to banks and thrift institutions. It is supplemented weekly and contains binders with the full text of all banking laws as codified in Title 12 of the U.S. Code and all federal banking regulations.

Federal Civil Rights Acts.

This two volume set is organized by type of action. Coverage of this title extends to analysis of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993. It provides numerous references to primary and secondary sources, including law review articles. It also includes an index and table of cases as finding aids. This title is updated/supplemented periodically. 
Rodney Smolla

Federal Disability Law in a Nutshell

This study aid provides an overview of federal laws relating to persons with a disability. It includes discussion of the ADA, IDEA, the Rehabilitation Act, the Fair Housing Act Amendments, as well as equal protection.
Bonnie Poitras Tucker & Adam A. Milani

Federal Dispute Resolution: Using ADR with the United States Government

This treatise serves as a guide to using alternative dispute resolution in matters involving the federal government. Written by a senior counsel in the Office of Dispute Resolution at the U.S. Department of Justice, this handbook for practitioners includes information about the benefits of the ADR process, the laws and regulations that govern ADR, instructions on how to determine which disputes are best suited for the various types of ADR available, and guidance on how to prepare for and advocate effectively during ADR. Finally, it examines workplace and contracting disputes due to the prevalence of ADR in such areas, and addresses some special issues such as ADR program design, management, and training.
Jeffrey M. Senger

Federal Estate & Gift Taxation

Treatise providing in-depth analysis of Subtitle B (Chapters 11, 12, 13, and 14) of the Internal Revenue Code dealing with the federal estate tax, gift tax, and generation-skipping transfer tax.
Richard B. Stephens, Guy B. Maxfield, Stephen A. Lind, Dennis A. Calfee

Federal Evidence

This is a six-volume analysis of the Federal Rules of Evidence.  The publication is organized on a rule-by-rule basis and contains the complete text of the Advisory Committee Notes.  It also incorporates case law, law review, and other practice references, while also discussing important evidence doctrines not specifically covered by particular Rules.
Christopher Mueller & Laird Kirkpatrick
Federal Income Tax: Examples and Explanations 2011 6d

Federal Income Tax: Examples and Explanations

This study aid is designed to provide students with a summary of topics and issues in federal income tax. It is designed in a question and answer format to give students examples of tax problems and then provide explanations to those problems. Its index includes a Table of Cases and a Table of Internal Revenue Code Sections. The sixth edition, published in 2011, is the most recent edition.
Joseph Bankman, Thomas D. Griffith & Katherine Pratt

Federal Income Taxation of Corporations & Shareholders

Federal Income Taxation of Corporations & Shareholders

Five-volume treatise providing in-depth analysis of federal taxation relating to individuals, corporations, partnerships, estates, and gifts.
Boris I. Bittker and James S. Eustice

Federal Income Taxation of Individuals

Federal Income Taxation of Individuals

This treatise specifically covers federal income taxation of individuals by providing a concise, but complete account of the tax problems of single taxpayers, heads of households, married couples, and surviving spouses. It is supplemented by a 2014 supplement.
Boris I. Bittker, Martin J. McMahon, Jr. & Lawrence Zelenak
Federal Income Taxation of Individuals in a Nutshell 2012 8d

Federal Income Taxation of Individuals in a Nutshell

This study aid is designed to serve as an introduction to the US federal system of taxing individuals. Topics include discussions on what is income, what is deductible, and to whom income is taxable. The eighth edition, published in 2012, is the most recent edition.
John K. McNulty & Daniel J. Lathrope

Federal income taxation : a law student's guide to the leading cases and concepts  2012 12th

Federal Income Taxation: A Law Student's Guide to the Leading Cases and Concepts

This study aid begins by introducing students to key terminology used in federal income tax. The focus of the study aid is on introductory cases and materials, and in particular on individual income tax. The basic topics covered in the book include income, deductions, attribution of income, tax accounting, recognition of gains and losses, and capital gains and losses. The 12th edition was published in 2012.
Marvin A. Chirelstrein

Federal Law of Employment Discrimination in a Nutshell.

This nutshell focuses on the laws surrounding discrimination in the workplace, such as the Civil Rights Act, ADEA, and the ADA. It identifies the basic models of proof, the terms and conditions of employment and defines the protected classes. Enforcement makes up the final section of this overview. 

Federal Practice and Procedure

This multi-volume treatise offers lengthy annotations for the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. In addition, annotation is offered in additional volumes for other Federal Rules, like the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, for example. Appendixes to the volumes also contain forms relevant to rules. The index offers a number of tables for locating cases, statutes, and rules within the series. Updated regularly.
Charles Alan Wright

Federal Rules of Evidence in a nutshell

Federal Rules of Evidence in a Nutshell

This nutshell is structured to present each rule of evidence in order, with commentary for each rule presented. Case citations are minimal as this study aid's intent is to help student's understand of the law of evidence, without being overburdened by case citations.
Michael H. Graham

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Federal Securities Act of 1933

This is the comprehensive treatise on the Securities Act of 1933, covering the organization of the SEC, definition of "security" and "sale," exempted securities and transactions, small issue exemptions, restricted and control securities, registration process, registration forms, registration of investment company securities, the Trust Indenture Act of 1939 and civil liabilities, SEC and criminal enforcement. Updated three times a year on Lexis only.
A. A. Sommer Jr
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Federal Securities Exchange Act of 1934

This is the companion volume to the resource above, focusing on the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 registration and reporting requirements, Integrated Disclosure, proxy rules and proxy contests, insider trading and short-swing trading, registration and regulation of securities markets, broker-dealers, transfer agents, clearing agencies and SEC enforcement actions and private civil liabilities. Updated three times a year on Lexis.
A. A. Sommer Jr

Federal Sentencing Law and Practice

Each of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines are analyzed in detail in this volume which enhances the understanding of how to apply them. Topics featured include determining the sentence, crime victim's rights, violation of probation and sentencing of organizations. The volume includes a table of cases, a table of laws and rules, and sentencing worksheets in the appendix. Print edition last updated in 2012.
West Publishing