Source Cite Procedure

Use of source cite room and materials

The editor of the journal planning a source cite is required to sign up at the library circulation desk for the use of a source cite area.

All law library materials should be checked out to your journal account

Yale library materials should also be checked out to your journal account, as follows:

-          Individual students can check out Yale Library materials themselves at the main library, or request to have them sent to the Law Library to be picked up;

-          In either case, the student then brings the material to the law circulation desk, and we transfer the book(s) to the journal account.

The only books which cannot be checked out to your journal account are books requested from Borrow Direct. For this reason, we strongly suggest you use interlibrary loan rather than borrow direct. Also, we are generally more able to extend loan periods and avoid fines with interlibrary loans than we are with Borrow Direct books.

The journal is responsible for all books charged out, including returning them and responding to recall notices. According to Law Library policy any patron who has not returned books after 5 weeks will be charged replacement costs plus a $25.00 processing fee. Please note that failure to return recalled books prevents further borrowing of Law Library materials.

Reference Help:

The main contact for journal editors for research assistance is John Nann.John is responsible for alerting the reference staff when a source-cite will occur to ensure the staff is available and knowledgeable of the article topic. If you would like a special consultation on source-citing or researching footnotes, please use the form here.

Tables in the Source Cite Areas:

We request that tables in the source cite areas be cleared following each source cite. Re-shelving When a source cite has been completed, the books should be loaded onto a book cart with a note indicating that the material is ready for check in. The cart is to be rolled to the circulation desk on L3 or the Upper East Side (UES). The library staff will re-shelve the books once they have been checked in.

Food and Beverage: Food is not permitted in the library at any time. Beverage is permitted in an authorized spill proof container.