Strategic Plan 2014-2018


To be the best academic law library in the world


The Lillian Goldman Law Library supports the rich educational and scholarly programs of Yale Law School and Yale University. We contribute to global legal research, scholarship, and education. Our outstanding collections and exemplary services make the library a centerpiece of the Yale Law School experience.

We are

agile service focused transparent
creative data-driven accountable
responsive respectful green

Goals and Objectives

  1. Provide highly valued, relevant services to our faculty and students
    1. Prioritize library services based on value to the community
    2. Offer classes, workshops, trainings, and tools to meet patron needs
    3. Effectively communicate, advertise, and market our services and instructional offerings
    4. Assess and enhance the effectiveness of services and instruction
    5. Evaluate and eliminate inefficient or undervalued services
  2. Collect quality resources that meet the needs of current faculty and students, as well as future generations of scholars
    1. Acquire materials that enrich our:
      1. comprehensive collection of U.S. scholarly law-related monographs
      2. preeminent collection of rare and historical materials
      3. superb collection of international law
      4. expanding collection of foreign and comparative legal resources
    2. Maintain a dynamic collection development philosophy informed by faculty and student interest and staff expertise
    3. Consider evolving trends in scholarly communication and technology when making acquisition decisions
    4. Collaborate with other libraries to maximize access to resources
  3. Be thoughtful stewards of our superb collections and resources
    1. Conserve exceptional items in need of repair
    2. Preserve our resources for future generations of scholars
    3. Protect our resources by ensuring appropriate security and facilities
    4. Migrate our resources to new formats to ensure they remain accessible
    5. Optimize local and remote storage space 
  4. Make our world-class resources easily discoverable and accessible
    1. Increase findability of local, consortial, and worldwide resources to our researchers
    2. Facilitate simple remote access to our print and digital collections
    3. Implement new discovery tools whilst maintaining our scholarly catalogue
    4. Effectively communicate, advertise, and market available resources
  5. Make the library a delightful place to visit and be
    1. Make every patron feel welcome
    2. Tailor physical space to the evolving needs of patrons and staff
    3. Maintain an inviting and useful online presence
    4. Create policies that balance the needs of our community members
  6. Empower staff to thrive and become leaders in our field
    1. Foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and creativity
    2. Recruit and retain a diverse staff to enrich our library and profession
    3. Provide suitable resources and support for professional engagement and advancement
    4. Facilitate opportunities for staff to broaden experience by working in other units, departments, and libraries
    5. Encourage a healthy work-life balance 
    6. Employ staff expertise to train the next generation of law librarians
Updated Date: 
Friday, September 19, 2014