capital punishment

Garvey, Stephen P., 98 Colum. L. Rev. 1538, 1539 (1998) - for information on the most (and least) persuasive mitigating factors
1A §23-22 The petition 1A §23-23 Return of noncomplying petition 1A §23-24 Preliminary consideration of judicial authority 1A §23-25 Waiver of filing fees and costs of...
Concentrates on Eighth Amendment and capital punishment issues and include a discussion of post-conviction and federal habeas corpus issues. It includes consideration of all...
Available in both html and pdf
Includes reports on psychological evaluations, facilities, child fatalities in Connecticut and more
Edited with an introduction by Margery B. Koosed (part of a series in Controversies in Constitutional Law) (1996) - L4
Consult the Forensic Science Resources links
From the CT General Assembly - available online, at Westlaw & Lexis, and in the L3 Reading Room
Rivkind, Nina (2009) - L4


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