case law

1990-current - full text of selected decisions of Connecticut Superior Court - L3 Reading Room
Weekly loose-leaf providing "advance" access to the Connecticut Reporters, the Connecticut Appellate Reports, and the Connecticut Supplement; includes final...
Decisions of the CT Supreme Court - L3 Reading Room
Rivkind, Nina (2009) - L4
West Pub. Co. - all decisions in Connecticut beginning with v. 53, Conn. Supp. beginning v.19, Conn. App. and Conn. Cir. - L5
Law Library of Congress' public database of laws, regulations, judicial decisions, and other complementary legal sources contributed by governmental agencies and...
Harvard's lists of links to foreign law online sources including legislation and legislative bodies
The Duke Law Library guide to finding translations of foreign law
In-depth legal research guides in foreign, comparative, and international law
A daily summary of the best (and worst) of federal appellate decisions


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