Complex Federal Litigation

News and commentary on the "Great Writ of Liberty" and the death penalty
3 Form 604.22 Habeas corpus by prisoner3 Form 604.22-A Statement describing transcript ordered3 Form 604.22-B Notice of transcript receipt3 Form 604.22-C Amended petition3...
Also see: Administrative Directive Chapter 9: Classification
a bit outdated but a nice overview
1A §23-22 The petition 1A §23-23 Return of noncomplying petition 1A §23-24 Preliminary consideration of judicial authority 1A §23-25 Waiver of filing fees and costs of...
Many general statistics (including corrections)
Includes judgments, current lawsuits, notices, forms, etc.
C.G.S.A. §52-466 Application for writ of habeas corpus. Service. Return.C.G.S.A. §52-467 Punishment for refusal to obey writ or accept copyC.G.S.A. §52-468 Commitment for...
U.S. Sentencing Commission - L4 and LSO


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