foreign and international tax law resources

Tax Analysts - Lexis: WWCASE (1890-current) - access worldwide tax court opinions
Brederode, R. F. W. van (2009) - LES
ed. by Roy Bahl, Jorge Martinez-Vazquez, and Joan Youngman (2008) - UES
Kuntz, Joel D. & Robert J. Peroni (1991-) - L4; Westlaw: WGL-INTTAX).
United Nations - LSF.
Fraser Institute, 2008 - UES
"This research guide, based on International Tax Law: A Legal Research Guide (Buffalo: Hein, 2011) by Christopher C. Dykes, is designed to provide a starting point for...
RIA - Westlaw: RIA-TREATIES (current) - treaties between the U.S. and others with legislative histories and editorial explanations (combination of RIA International Tax...
ed. by Jennifer Johnson-Calari & Malan Rietveld (2007) - UES


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