foreign and international tax law resources

Smith, David B. - The Institute of Economic Affairs (2006) - UES
Hines, Y. (2007) - UES
Thompson, Samuel C. (2007) - L4
Oceana (1976-1989) - UES; contains English language texts of all tax treaties between two or more nations; there is also a combined index for Series A and B.
Office of the Legal Advisor, U.S. Department of State, Treaty Affairs Staff. This publication lists bilateral and multilateral treaties and other international agreements of...
ed. by Luigi Bernardi, Angela Fraschini, and Parthasarathi Shome (2006) - UES
Lexis: SATC (1920-1998); not currently updated; contains decisions from the Supreme Court of South Africa, and the High and Supreme Courts of Zimbabwe.
Treatises on International taxation in Westlaw include: Analysis of United States Income Tax Treaties Andersen: Foreign Tax Credits Conlon & Aquilino: Principles of...
Lexis and Westlaw offer a comprehensive selection of primary and secondary international tax materials and some foreign tax materials. To access the foreign and international...
RIA - Westlaw: RIA-TAXTEX (current) - annotated analyses of treaties between the U.S. and other countries with citations to cases and rulings.


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