Foreign and Transnational Law Resources

A government-sponsored database of journals and dissertations published and/or funded by the PRC Government.
The collection brings together constitutional documents, books, articles, bibliographic references, and web sites all into one database.
A site with the world's constitutions available free of charge to read, search, and compare.
Open-access and subscription resources available at the Yale Law Library
Provides factual and policy information about the institutions and activities of the European Union, the countries, regions and other international organizations of Europe,...
Includes a chapter on Law of the Qur'an; bibliography at the end (Yale access only).
UTexas-Austin's Original and English translations of French, German, Italian, Austrian and Israeli legal materials in the fields of constitutional, administrative,...
Find African human rights instruments and related documents from the University of Minnesota Human Rights library
Includes several chapters on Sharia or religious law; bibliography at end of each section (Yale access only).
This study on access to judicial information in 10 Latin American countries, carried out by the Due Process of Law Foundation, assesses the principal laws and regulations on...


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