Foreign International and Transnational Law Resources

Georgetown Center for Latin America Studies - links to government information in countries in the Americas.
Find labor conventions, recommendations and standards, including ILOLOEX (searchable database on labor standards) and NATLEX (searchable database of national labor, social...
The open-access Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP) surveys and analyzes citizen views on system support, political tolerance, citizen participation, local...
An online resource developed by LexisNexis that compiles rule of law information, news, tools, and expertise for rule of law practitioners and legal reformers.
The Doing Business in Series covers the law of Spain, Chile, El Salvador, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Peru in English (Yale access only).
This monthly publication by the National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade compliments our NatLaw World database
Reports on the work by the specialists on the European Civil Code who aim to "produce a codified set of Principles of European Law for the law obligations and core...
GlobaLex guide to the crisis and question of genocide in Darfur
Database of legal terms translated into many languages; created in preparation of the Slovene version of legal acts of the EU Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations.


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