Foreign International and Transnational Law Resources

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, established by UN General Assembly, is mandated to protect refugees and resolve refugee problems worldwide; hosts...
ASEAN brings together Southeast Asian nations to promote economic, social, and cultural progress in its 10 member states
Find ICTY cases and judgments, reports, and basic documents - English, French, Macedonian, Albanian
Sponsored by the Royal Thai Government, the website has useful legislation in English relating to the preparation for the proceedings of the trials of the Khmer Rouge leaders
Collection of human rights open-access databases allowing access to human rights documents, case law, and other legal materials
Mercosur is a regional trade agreement between Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay
Since 1923 The Hague Academy of International Law organizes Collected Courses, prestigious post-university summer courses in private and public international law; the courses...
The World Justice Project is a non-profit, independent organization that helps communities around the world to advance the rule of law.
Ongoing project of The Fletcher School, Tufts University, to make available the texts of international multilateral treaties.


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