post-conviction relief

Wilkes, Jr., Donald E. (1996 with 2007 supplement).
By the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation
Provides updates on cases and scheduled executions and links to legal information in a blog format
(U.S. Code, Federal Rules, USSC cases, and more)
Take note of these: 46b-120 - Juvenile Matters: Definitions; 46b-129 - Committment of Child or Youth; 46b-129a - Examination by Physician, Appointment of Counsel and Guardian...
3 Form 604.22 Habeas corpus by prisoner3 Form 604.22-A Statement describing transcript ordered3 Form 604.22-B Notice of transcript receipt3 Form 604.22-C Amended petition3...
such as guides to prison litigation and PLRA; username/password available from Pro Bono Net, for which you must register to access (free registration)


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