Treatises & Practice Manuals

The waivers book : advanced issues in immigration law practice / editor-in-chief, Irene Scharf ; associate editors, Dagmar Butte, Shirley Sadjadi, Cora D. Tekach (AILA)
Boswell, Richard A. (2009) - L4
Germain, Regina - L4 Also available in AILAlink.
Martin, David A. and Peter H. Schuck (2005) - L4, Faculty Collection, Permanent Reserve
ed. by Driesen, David M., Robert W. Adler, and Kristen H. Engel (2011) - on order
(2010-2011) Also available as an electronic resource
Findley, Roger W. and Daniel A. Farber (2010) - L4
Divine, Robert C. (2010-2011)
Rodgers, William H. (1994) - L4


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