Treaty Research

Office of the Legal Advisor, U.S. Department of State, Treaty Affairs Staff. This publication lists bilateral and multilateral treaties and other international agreements of...
Tucker, Henry St. George. 1 v. Union, N.J.: Lawbook Exchange, 2000. Originally published: Boston: Little, Brown, 1915.
Includes the 1996 United States Model Income Tax Convention, Treasury testimony, and proposed treaties (treaty text accessed from this site is usually proposed text)
Wiktor, Christian L. The Hague , The Netherlands ; Boston , Mass.: M. Nijhoff Publishers; Cambridge , MA : Kluwer Law International, 1998.
Holt, W. Stulll. 1933.
Vols. 1-205 (1920-1946).
Edited and compiled by Igor I. Kavass and Adolf Sprudzs / United States Treaty cumulative index 1950-1970 : cumulative index to United States treaties and other...
Library of Congress (Thomas) (from the 90th Congress, 1967).
Chinard, G. (Editor). Vol. 1 (1928).


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