Travel Ban (2017) and Related Resources

  1. International Refugee Assistance Project, et al. v. Donald Trump, et al., 582 U. S. ____ (2017)

  2. Data and Analysis Related to Trump Administration Executive Orders on Immigrants and Refugees Portal (Migration Policy Institute)

    • Consists of research reports, commentaries and data resources related to wide-ranging executive orders issued by the Trump Administration on immigration and refugee resettlement, touching on everything from the construction of a border wall to deportations policy, the refugee resettlement program, and admissions from certain majority-Muslim countries.

    • Trump Executive Order on Refugees and Travel Ban: A Brief Review (Migration Policy Institute, Feb. 2017)

  3. Travel Ban 2.0 Resources (ImmigrationProfBlog)

  4. Litigation Documents & Resources Related to Trump Executive Order on Immigration (Lawfare)

  5. AILA  Featured Issue: Immigration 2017 - A New President and Congress (AILA Doc. No. 16113030, June 29, 2017)

  6. Library of Congress Legal Reports: Laws on Extradition of Citizens (2017) - A survey of extradition rules of 157 jurisdictions

  7. U. Washington Gallagher Law Library Research Guide on Presidential Power

  8. Georgetown Law Library Research Guide on Immigrant and Refugee Civil Rights

  9. YLS Worker and Immigrant Rights Advocacy Clinic: Darweesh et al. v. Trump et al (U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York, January 28, 2017) Filings

  10. ICE Extreme Vetting Initiative: A Resource Page (NYU Brennan Center for Justice) 

  11. 2011-2016 List of Asylum Denial Rates by Immigration Judge (TRAC/Immigration)