Treatises & Manuals

Applicable law in international investment disputes
By Taida Begic
Arbitration and Mediation in the ACP-EU Relations
Association for International Arbitration (ed.)
Arbitration Under International Investment Agreements : a Guide to the Key Issues
Edited by Katia Yannaca-Small
Constitutionalizing economic globalization : investment rules and democracys promise
By David Schneiderman
Damages in international investment law
By Sergey Ripinsky with Kevin Williams
Das rechtliche Umfeld für ausländische Direktinvestitionen in Entwicklungsländern : internationale, europarechtliche und nationale Rahmenbedingungen am Beispiel der Republik Ghana
"The legal environment for foreign direct investment in developing countries: international, national and European legal framework on the example of the Republic of Ghana"By Peter Hesse
Droit international économique
by Carreau, Dominique and Patrick Juillard (2010) - UES
Foreign investment, human rights and the environment : a perspective from South Asia on the role of public interntional law for development
By Shyami Fernando Puvimanasinghey
Gli standard di trattamento nell interpretazione dei trattati in materia di investimenti stranieri
"Treatment standards in the interpretation of treaties concerning foreign investment"By Mara Valenti
Global business law : principles and practice of international commerce and investment
By John W. Head
Global constitutional and administrative law in the BIT generation : a Latin American perspective of the past, present, and future of state responsibility for injuries to foreign investors
By Santiago Montt
International Business Transactions : Foreign Investment
By Ralph H. Folsom et al.
International Economic Law
By Andreas F. Lowenfeld
International investment arbitration : substantive principles
By Campbell McLachlan, Laurence Shore, Matthew Weiniger.
International trade and economic relations in a nutshell
By Ralph H. Folsom, Michael Wallace Gordon, John A. Spanogle
International trust and divorce litigation
Ed. by Mark Harper et al.
Internationales Investitionsrecht : Lehrbuch für Studium und Praxis
By Jörn Griebel
Investment arbitration and the energy charter treaty
Ed. by Clarisse Ribeiro
Investment disputes under NAFTA : an annotated guide to NAFTA Chapter 11
By Meg N. Kinnear, Andrea K. Bjorklund, John F.G. Hannaford
Investment laws of the world
Investment protection and the Energy Charter Treaty
Ed. by Graham Coop and Clarisse Ribeiro
Investment Treaty Arbitration and Public Law
By Gus Van Harten.
L arbitrato nel commercio e negli investimenti internazionali
"Arbitration in international trade and investment" By Piero Bernardini
Law and practice of investment treaties : standards of treatment
By Andrew Newcombe, Lluís Paradell
Legal framework for the admission of FDI
By Thomas Pollan
Les aspects nouveaux du droit des investissements internationaux / Centre d'étude et de recherche de droit international et de relations internationales = New aspects of international investment law
By Centre for Studies and Research in International Law and International Relations
Les aspects nouveaux du droit des investissements internationaux / New aspects of international investment law
Edited by Philippe Kahn, Thomas W. Wälde
Mezhdunarodnoe pravo po zashchite i pooshchreni︠i︡u inostrannykh investi︠t︡siĭ / Международное право по защите и поощрению иностранных инвестиций
"International Law on Protecting and Encouraging Foreign Investments"By D. K. Labin
Principles of international investment law
By Rudolf Dolzer and Christoph Schreuer.
Regulation of international finance
By Philip R. Wood
Substantive Law in Investment Treaty Arbitration : the Unsettled Relationship Between International Law and Municipal Law
Upper East Side
Temporal scope of investment protection treaties
By Nick Gallus
The fair and equitable treatment standard in the international law of foreign investment
By Ioana Tudor
The Future of Investment Arbitration
Edited by Catherine A. Rogers, Roger P. Alford
The ICSID convention : A Commentary: A Commentary on the Convention on the settlement of Investment Disputes Between States and Nationals of Other States
By Christoph H. Schreuer
The resolution of international investment disputes : challenges and solutions
By Mariel Dimsey
U.S. International Investment Agreements
Kenneth J. Vandevelde