Treatises & Practice Materials

Environmental Issues in Business Transactions
ed. by Schnapf, Lawrence P. (2011) - LAW
Environmental Law
Rodgers, William H. (1994) - L4
Environmental Law Deskbook
Environmental Law Institute (2007) - L4
Environmental Law in a Nutshell
Findley, Roger W. and Daniel A. Farber (2010) - L4
Environmental Law: a Conceptual and Pragmatic Approach
ed. by Driesen, David M., Robert W. Adler, and Kristen H. Engel (2011) - on order
Principles of Constitutional Environmental Law
ed. by May, James R. (2011) - LAW
Specialized Legal Research
Hazelton, Penny A., general editor (2005) - L5
Treatise on Environmental Law
Grad, Frank P. - L4