Treatises - By Topics

Legal System, History of the Party, Legal Tradition and History

Baum, R.,Burying Mao (1996)*

Chen, A., An introduction to the legal system of the People’s Republic of China (2011)*

Cohen, Edwards, and Chen, ed., Essays on China’s legal tradition (1980)

Lieberthal, K., Governing China (2004)*

O’Brien, K., Reform without liberalization, china’s National People’s Congress and the Politics of Institutional Change (2008)*

Shambaugh, D., China’s Communist Party: Atrophy and Adaptation (2008)*

Overview, Rule of Law and Legal Reform

Balme, S. & Dowdle, ed., Building Constitutionalism in China (2009)*

Chen, J., Chinese Law: Towards an Understanding of Chinese Law, its Nature and Development (1999)

Chen, J., Chinese Law: Context and Transformation (2008)*

Chen, J., Chinese Law: Context and Transformation (2016)

Clarke, D., China’s Legal System: New Developments, New Challenges (2008)*

Goldman, M., From Comrade to Citizen: The Struggle for Political Rights in China (2005)*

O’ Brien, K. Reform Without Liberalization, China’s National People’s Congress and the Politics of Institutional Change (2008)*

Peerenboom, R., China’s Long March Toward the Rule of Law (2002)*

Yu, K., Democracy and the rule of law in China (2010)

Constitutional Law and Procedure

Balme, S. & Dowdle, ed., Building Constitutionalism in China (2009)*

Administrative Law and Procedure

Ginsburg, T. and Chen, A., ed., Administrative law and governance in Asia : comparative perspectives (2009)*

Peerenboom, R., Administrative Law and Governance in Asia (2009)*

Woo, M. & Gallagher, M., ed., Chinese Justice Civil Dispute Resolution in Contemporary China (2011)*

Civil Law and Procedure

The draft civil code of the People’s Republic of China : English translation (2010)

Chen, J., From administrative authorisation to private law : a comparative perspective of the developing civil law in the People’s Republic of China (1995)

Towards a Chinese civil code : comparative and historical perspectives / edited by Lei Chen & C.H. (Remco) van Rhee

Criminal Law and Procedure

Liu, Y., Origins of Chinese law : penal and administrative law in its early development (1998)

Luo, The amended criminal procedure law and the criminal court rules of the People’s Republic of China : with English translation, introduction, and annotation. (2000)

Luo, The amended and annotated Criminal Code of the People’s Republic of China with official interpretations. 2d ed. (2012)

McConville, M., Criminal Justice in China: An Empirical Inquiry (2011)*

Mulhahn, K., Criminal Justice in China: A History (2009)*

Sapio, F., Sovereign power and the law in China (2010)

Anti-Monopoly/Antitrust Law

Jin, S. and Luo, W., Competition law in China (2002)

Harris, S., Anti-monopoly law and practice in China (2011)

Shan, H., The protection of trade secrets in China (2008)

Wang, X. and Su, J., Competition law in China (2012)

Williams, M., Competition policy and law in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan (2005)

Business/Commercial Law

China business law guide

Chen, J. and Ke, S., ed., China master business law guide : commentary & analysis (2009)

Fu, J., Corporate disclosure and corporate governance in China (2010)

Moser, M., Managing business disputes in today’s China : duelling with dragons (2007)

Roos, M., Chinese commercial law : a practical guide (2010)

Zimmerman, J.K., China law deskbook : a legal guide for foreign-invested enterprises (2010)

Intellectual Property

Alford, W., To Steal a Book is an Elegant Offense (1997)*

Chow, Daniel C.K., A primer on foreign investment enterprises and protection of intellectual property inChina (2003)

Clark, D., Patent litigation in China (2011)

Devonshire-Ellis, C., Scott A., and Woollard S., ed., Intellectual property rights in China (2011)

Dimitrov, M.K., Piracy and the state : the politics of intellectual property rights in China (2011)

Hu, R., Guide to China copyright law studies (2000)

Hu, R., Research guide to Chinese copyright law (2016)

Hu, R., Research guide to Chinese patent law and practice (2002)

Hu, R., Research guide to Chinese trademark law and practice (2009)

Kossof, P. Chinese trademark law : the New Chinese Trademark Law of 2014 (2014)

Lin, Zhou, ed., China court cases on intellectual property rights (2011)

Mertha, A.C., The Politics of Piracy: Intellectual Property in Contemporary China (2005)*

Tan, L., Pirates in the Middle Kingdom : the ensuing trademark battle (2007)

Family Law

Keller, P., ed., Obligations and property rights in China

Richards, Chen and del Pezzo, Practical global family law : United States, China, and Italy (2011)

Labor and Employment Law

Brown R.C., Understanding labor and employment law in China (2010)

Hunter, C., et al., Employment law in China(2008)

Lauffs, A., Employment law & practice in China (2008)

Lu, H., The right to work in China : Chinese labor legislation in the light of the international covenant on economic, social and cultural rights (2011)

Neal, A. (ed.), Cross-currents in modern Chinese labour law (2014)

Environmental Law

Bennett, J. et al., ed., Environmental protection in China : land-use management (2011)

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences yearbooks. Environment. Monographic Series. (2007-)

Elgar Research Handbook of Chinese Environmental Law (2015)

McElwee, C., Environmental law in China : managing risk and ensuring compliance (2011)

Rooij, B., Regulating land and pollution in China : lawmaking, compliance, and enforcement : theory and cases (2006)

Stalley, P., Foreign firms, investment, and environmental regulation in the People’s Republic of China (2010)

Sun, X., et al., eds., Water resources management in the People’s Republic of China (2010)

Zeng, K. and Eastin, J., Greening China : the benefits of trade and foreign direct investment (2011)

Property Rights, Land Tenure/Use

Ho, P., Institutions in transition : land ownership, property rights, and social conflict in China (2005)

Keller, P., ed., Obligations and property rights in China (2011)

Zelin, M., Ocko, J., and Gardella, R., ed., Contract and property in early modern China (2004)

Arbitration, Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Chen, D., International arbitration in the People’s Republic of China : commentary, cases and materials(2000)

Cohen, J. et al., ed., Arbitration in China : a practical guide (2004)

Ho, V., Labor dispute resolution in China : implications for labor rights and legal reform (2003)

Mo, J., Arbitration law in China (2001)

Tang, J., A historical, philosophical, and legal analysis of Chinese mediation (1999)

Tao, J., Arbitration law and practice in China (2012)

Woo, M. & Gallagher, M., ed., Chinese Justice Civil Dispute Resolution in Contemporary China (2011)*

Zhu, S., Securities dispute resolution in China (2011)

Martime Law

Chen, X., Limitation of liability for maritime claims : a study of U.S. law, Chinese law and international conventions (2001)

Zou, K., China’s marine legal system and the law of the sea (2005)


Chao, J., The regulatory environment of Chinese taxation (2005)

International Law

Pittman, P. Assessing treaty performance in China : trade and human rights (2014)

Wang, Guiguo, International Investment law: a Chinese Perspective (2015)

Xue, Hanquin, Chinese contemporary perspectives on international law : history, culture and international law (2012)

Recommended reading for Spring 2012 Reading Group on Chinese law*.