United Kingdom

The Law Library has a comprehensive historical British law collection, with many of the older volumes in the rare book collection.  The historical collection is also supplemented and supported by online databases (Early English Books Online, Eighteenth Century Collections Online, Making of Modern Law: Treatises, etc.) and the microform sets for eighteenth, nineteenth-, and early twentieth-century legal treatises from Research Publications.   Also, the Library regularly purchases reprints of historical law books. The Library maintains extensive holdings of collection of current treatises, including Scottish works, selected in conformity with the general criteria established for American treatises, emphasizing scholarly content, the reputations of authors and publishers, and subject needs.  While we seek ot have an outstanding collection of national-level materials from the United Kingdom, some areas will be treated more comprehensively than others.  We place particular emphasis on legal history, legal philosophy and jurisprudence, constitutionalism, and corporation law, and try to have a strong selection of significant works on the other areas of the law.   Most student texts and casebooks are not collected.  Practitioner-oriented materials and expensive multivolume looseleaf treatises are rarely acquired.  We collect even-numbered editions of basic English law treatises, such as those in the Sweet & Maxwell Common Law Library, when funds are available, pursuant to an agreement with Harvard Law Library, which collects the odd-numbered editions.  We have historical collections of most academic law journals, as well as a less comprehensive collection of privately published law reviews and journals. The Library collects the Statutes in Force (microfiche) and the annual session laws (HMSO edition and Law Reports edition), supported by Lexis and, for very recent legislation, by Lawtel. We collect Statutory Instruments in print.  For access to legislative materials, we rely on the University Library.  With respect to law reports, the Library holds the incorporated Council of Law Reporting court reports (four series), together with the Weekly Law Reports, the privately published All England Law Reports, and a few topical reports, such as Lloyd’s Law Reports and Criminal Appeal Reports.  We maintain the law-finders Halsbury's Laws of England, Halsbury's Statutes, and Halsbury’s Statutory Instruments in print, although replacing the print versions with online versions is under investigation.