United States Judicial Materials

We collect and retain the following federal reporters in print, in most cases because they are not available online in pdf form:

  • Federal Claims Reporter
  • Federal Reporter (advance sheets only)
  • Federal Rules Decisions
  • Merit Systems Reporter
  • Military Justice Reporter
  • Supreme Court Reporter
  • United States Reports (two copies)
  • Veterans Appeals Reporter

All official state (including District of Columbia) and territorial court reporters are acquired.  The only West reporters received in paper are Atlantic Reporter, California Reporter, and New York Supplement.  Otherwise, we rely on Westlaw pdfs for access.   We collect and retain print copies of federal court rules as part of subscriptions to federal statutory sets.  For state court rules, we collect and retain one print copy for each state.  Federal judiciary agency reports are collected and retained in print if there is extensive patron interest in the title.   United States Supreme Court briefs are received by us in hard copy as a depository of the Court, and are received on microform in a comprehensive subscription (published by LexisNexis).  Selected cases are included in the Landmark Briefs and Arguments of the Supreme Court of the United States subscription. We maintain a microform subscription to the set of Oral Arguments of the United States Supreme Court.  Connecticut Supreme Court and Appellate Court briefs are received on microform.   The only digests that we collect and retain are Connecticut Digest and Supreme Court Digest.  For citators, we collect in print and retain only Shepard’s Acts and Cases by Popular Name, Shepard’s Connecticut Citations, and Shepard’s Law Review Citations.