A Title is Born: Introducing Title 52 of the United States Code

September 2, 2014


I write to share the exciting news that there is a new title in the US Code. Title 52 reclassifies the voting and election sections of Titles 2 and 42. This a just a reclassification and no new laws were enacted (or harmed) in the process. 


For more information on Title 52, see:

http://uscode.house.gov/editorialreclassification/t52/index.html, and 




For more information about how the USC Code is classified, reclassified, and enacted into positive/non-positive law, see:

http://uscode.house.gov/codification/legislation.shtml, and 

Office of Law Revision Counsel Brochure on Positive Law Codification



And of course, the Reference Librarians can answer any questions you have about US Code, codification, or reclassification.



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