New Book Display: Dr. Rebecca Gomperts: Steering the Discourse of Reproductive Justice

January 24, 2017

     The upcoming Gruber Distinguished Lecture in Global Justice will feature Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, general-practice physician and activist who pushes the boundaries of abortion law.  On L1 of the law library is a new display featuring a sampling of writings by Dr. Gomperts who founded two organizations – Women on Waves, and its successor organization Women on Web.  Dr Gomperts innovates ways and means by which reproductive medicine can be delivered, particularly to those who are marginalized.  The organizations she founded provide women with access to sexual health information and services, including early medical abortions in an effort to prevent unintended pregnancies and avoid unsafe and/or illegal abortions.

     Entitled “Dr. Rebecca Gomperts: Steering the Discourse of Reproductive Justice”, the display also includes works exploring the interplay of reproductive justice and Right to Health issues in the international human rights discourse.  To locate those titles in the law library collection, search in Morris by Subject Headings:

·       Abortion – Law and legislation

·       Reproductive Rights

·       Human Reproduction – Law and Legislation

·       Reproductive Health – Law and Legislation

·       Women – Legal Status, laws, etc.


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