Scholarly Services and Research Support


Mike Vanderheijden

General Services

Faculty Liaisons: We match you with a librarian based on your scholarly interests to provide in-depth, one-on-one research support and assistance throughout your projects.
Clinic Liaisons: We liaise with clinical faculty to provide research support and assistance to student legal teams.

Research Services: We provide custom research support, compile bibliographies, and connect you with domestic, foreign, and international sources.
Empirical Research: Please connect with our Empirical Research and Data Services department for support.
Training and Instruction: We train RAs and Faculty Assistants to support your work. We deliver legal research lectures tailored to your class or clinic.

Specific Services

Scholastica Manuscript Submission Service:

Scholastica (link is external) is a law review submission service by which scholars may manage and track paper submissions to multiple journals. Yale Law School students, lecturers, fellows, and research scholars may be reimbursed by the Library for the costs of Scholastica submissions, with the following limitations: Reimbursement for Ph.D., J.S.D., and LLM. students, lecturers, fellows, and research scholars is limited to a maximum of 60 submissions per article. Reimbursement for J.D. students is limited to a maximum of 30 submissions per article.

The procedure for reimbursement is that you must create your own Scholastica account, pay the submission costs yourself, then contact Fred Shapiro (link sends e-mail) Associate Director for Collections and Special Projects. He will arrange for reimbursement.

Yale Law School professors should contact Fred Shapiro (link sends e-mail), to get access to our faculty Scholastica account.

Washington & Lee’s Submissions & Rankings (link is external) database can be a useful resource in a targeted submission strategy.