Course Reserves

If you have material you would like placed on reserve on for the course you will be teaching, you may either contact Faculty Services or submit the information via our  form below. Photocopies of articles for reserve can be copied within a week, but books that must be ordered may take as long as six weeks to be received. Please send your reserve requests as far in advance as possible to ensure the materials will be available when needed.

Faculty members are responsible for obtaining permissions from copyright holders when appropriate. Please consult the General Counsel’s Office website on copyright, the Law Library’s website on copyright clearance, or the Association of Research Libraries’ Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Academic and Research Libraries.

At the beginning of each semester the library staff processes material requested by faculty for courses being taught during the semester. These materials are listed in Morris by the name of the course and the professor’s name.

Please fill out the form below with information regarding material you would like placed on reserve. It is important to include the author’s full name, the full title, publisher and the edition or year of publication.

If you are teaching a course that was offered in the past, contact Rachel Gordon for a list of materials used for the course, or any questions regarding course reserves.