Collected Travaux Préparatoires

The Travaux Préparatoires are official documents recording the negotiations, drafting, and discussions during the process of creating a treaty. These documents may be consulted and taken into consideration when interpreting treaties. Travaux Préparatoires of a specific treaty are often unpublished or inaccessible, and difficult to locate even when these documents have been published in a collated volume. So, to help scholars and researchers, the following is a collection of the available Travaux Préparatoires for international treaties online and in our library catalog. If the item is physically located in our library, we scanned and attached the table of contents so researchers can tell if the item is relevant. This is an ongoing project so please let us know if you come across a Travaux source that is not included here.

Originally created by Ryan Harrington, with thanks to Lauren Koster, Dustin Hooten, and Julia Hsieh. Now, maintained by the Foreign & International Team with thanks to Jason Anderson.