Country by Country Guide to Foreign Law Research

This country-by-country guide will help get you started on your foreign law research by connecting you to the best research guides and databases for each country. 

Notes about the guide:

  • The Call Numbers within parentheses indicates where the print materials for that country are located on the Lower East Side (LES) of the Yale Law Library.
  • The Regional Map link goes to a map of the larger geographical region.
  • LoC Country Studies provide social, political, legal and economic information
  • The FLG is the outstanding and comprehensive Foreign Law Guide which will give you the historical, political and legal framework for each country plus the past and current sources of legal information, including where to find legislation, codes and case decisions, print and online. This is a Yale subscription database.
  • HLS refers to Harvard Law School’s list of online guides to doing legal research in foreign jurisdictions.
  • WorldLII is a directory of legal information available on the Internet.
  • The Online Guides section includes the most substantial guide available from a library or research site.
  • The World Law Guide is a good resource for current legislation.
  • The Gazettes section features a link to the country’s national gazette.
  • Finally, the Other Databases section lists other valuable subscription or open-access databases or websites for that country.

Thanks to Clay Dupuy, YC ’17 for updating the guide.