Scanners & Printers

We're pleased to inform you that our law library is equipped with scanners and printers to support your academic journey. Whether you need to digitize case notes or print out lengthy legal documents, we've got you covered. Dive in and make the most of these essential tools!

Printers are maintained by ITS. Their printing webpage lists all of the available printers in the library and throughout the law school, and how to use them.

The library maintains multiple scanners. Their locations are:

  • L5 behind the elevators. This is a flat-bed scanner.
  • L3 Popular Reading Room. This is an overhead scanner.
  • L2 near the ITS Help Desk. This is a stand-up overhead scanner.
  • L1 in the cubicle on the left side as you walk out of the elevator.
  • Upper East Side in the first cubicle on the right. This is a flatbed scanner.
  • Upper East Side in the workstations with the fish tank. This is a Microfiche and Microfilm scanner.