Bolivia’s Fight for its Right… to the Sea

May 10, 2011

Despite a significant navy that performs exercises on Lake Titicaca, Bolivia has been without direct access to the sea since 1879, when they lost their coastline to Chile in the War of the Pacific.  Each May, Bolivia commemorates a Day of the Sea.  Last fall Peru agreed to allow Bolivia to use one of its ports, giving the landlocked country access to the sea for the first time in over 100 years. 


Quite a bit has been written about Bolivia's claim to the sea.  For example:

Historical material available on HeinOnline includes:

Subject Headings include:

  • War of the Pacific, 1879-1884
  • Bolivia--History--1879-1938
  • Bolivia--Foreign relations--Chile
  • Chile--Foreign relations--Bolivia
  • Chile--Boundaries--Bolivia--History
  • Bolivia--Boundaries--Chile--History
  • Access to the sea (International Law)
  • Maritime Law--Bolivia
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