Book Display on L1: New Approaches to International Law

L1 Book display
The new book display on L1 of the law library highlights publications in the law library collection reflecting new approaches to international law. They amplify marginal voices, reexamine existing paradigms and theories on which the global law and order is predicated. 
“New Approaches to International Law captions scholarly work that has become known under numerous rubrics, such as Critical Legal Studies, New Approaches to International Law, Newstream International Law, Feminist Approaches, Third World Approaches to International Law, Postcolonial Legal Studies, New Approaches to International Economic Law, Critical Race Theory, and more. … there is no single ideology or methodology that unifies New Approaches work. One unifying factor is the common desire to rethink the foundations of international law and create space for emancipatory politics, while responding to recent trends in economic, political, and social theory.” 
(Thomas Skouteris, New Approaches to International Law, Oxford Bibliographies Online, DOI: 10.1093/OBO/9780199796953-0012)
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