Bright Young Librarians: Ryan Greenwood

Ryan Greenwood
March 6, 2014

Ryan Greenwood, our 2013/14 Rare Book Fellow, is the subject of the latest “Bright Young Librarians” feature in the blog of Fine Books & Collections Magazine, “profiling the next generation of special collection librarians and curators.” Ryan discusses his background and his views on special collections librarianship.

Ryan had this to say about the future of special collections librarianship:

I think one key is the synergy between digital projects and special collections and rare book librarianship. The huge number of digital projects are varied, useful and appealing for librarians, various other educators and audiences, and they will continue to point back to the physical collections which underlie them. At the same time the easy access and appeal of digital collections challenges rare book and special collections departments to expand outreach and teaching opportunities in new ways, and to promote new digital projects. It’s a complimentary process which pushes libraries outward, and encourages increased collaboration with academic departments and other institutions.


– MIKE WIDENER, Rare Book Librarian

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